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Vision / Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The St. Matthews Police Department strives to maintain a safe environment to protect the unique character of the community, its residents and visitors through service-oriented proactive policing.

Mission Statement

The St. Matthews Police Department provides high quality services to a community which values public safety through professional, proactive and innovative police services.

Service Oriented Policing

We will provide service oriented policing to all people of the St. Matthews Community through a genuine concern for those we serve by creating partnerships and exceeding their expectations.

Making Ourselves Accountable

We will make ourselves accountable in all facets of our job through moral, ethical and legal policing.

Proactive Policing with Pride and Professionalism

We will proactively police with humble pride and professionalism to keep our community safe.

Dedicated to Community and Law Enforcement Profession

We will be dedicated to the St. Matthews community and the law enforcement profession by utilizing cutting-edge practices and methods.

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