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Report a damaged sidewalk

The mayor and council members of the City of St. Matthews would like to thank you for taking your time to report a potential hazard such as cracked or raised sidewalks. Your information will allow us to dispatch a city representative to the site to evaluate and abate the situation as required.

Currently, the City has contracted with Precision Concrete Cutting to use its patented approach to eliminate tripping hazards. Rather than pouring new sidewalk panels, the company cuts the existing concrete to create a smooth walkway. In addition to reducing the cost by more than 70%, this approach is environmentally friendly and efficient. Instead of grinding the concrete and sending the dust particles into the air, Precision uses a vacuum cutting method that catches the minimal dust created by the process. The dust and concrete waste are then taken to a facility and recycled. In addition to being green, the process can be completed in a short time, reducing the impact to residents.

The final phase of the concrete cutting work in these areas include replacing identified broken or damaged sidewalks as well as adding ADA accessible ramps to various intersections.

To report damage to an existing sidewalk, click here, or telephone city hall at (502) 895-9444. Please provide the street name and closest business or residential address to the damaged area being reported.

Requesting new sidewalks

New sidewalk installation can be requested for your residential block by a petition. This petition must reflect signatures of 51% of the property owners, in favor of a sidewalk, in the proposed installation section. The petition should be submitted to the City Public Works Director at St. Matthews City Hall, located at 3940 Grandview Ave, second floor, between Breckenridge and Browns Lane during regular business hours.

The City Engineer will do a feasibility study of the area and make a recommendation regarding the installation of the new sidewalk to the City Council. Should the sidewalk be approved by the city council, the city engineer will work to get the project in the construction schedule. Depending upon the size of the project, it may be necessary to allot funding in an upcoming yearly budget and/or secure an outside construction company to perform the work. Therefore, additional time may be required.


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