Report a damaged sidewalk:

The mayor and council members of the City of St. Matthews would like to thank you for taking your time to report a potential hazard such as cracked or raised sidewalks. Your information will allow us to dispatch a city representative to the site to evaluate and abate the situation as required.

To report damage to an existing sidewalk, click here, or utilize the Call St. Matthews 24/7 Information System by telephoning 502- 498- CALL (2255), option 3. Please provide the street name and closest business or residential address to the damaged area being reported.

Requesting new sidewalks:

New sidewalk installation can be requested for your residential block by a petition. This petition must reflect signatures of 51% of the property owners, in favor of a sidewalk, in the proposed installation section. The petition should be submitted to the city clerk at St. Matthews City Hall, located at 3940 Grandview Ave, third floor, between Breckenridge and Browns Lane during regular business hours.

Once approved by the city council, the city engineer will work to get the project in the construction schedule. Depending upon the size of the project, it may be necessary to allot funding in an upcoming yearly budget and/or secure an outside construction company to perform the work. Therefore, additional time may be required.