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Snow Treatment



The City of St. Matthews operates a comprehensive snow treatment program. All public streets within the city receive snow treatment service. Naturally, main thoroughfares receive fist attention, then in a scheduled manner, all residential streets are treated. During this time, we ask that all vehicles be parked off of the roadway to allow the snowplows and other equipment to maneuver safely, and properly clear your road.

With smaller snow events, to be fiscally and environmentally responsible, the city will only salt the intersections. All major roads, including Browns Lane, Bowling Boulevard, Breckenridge Lane, Chenoweth Lane, Dutchman’s Lane, Hubbards Lane, Kresge Way, New Lagrange Road, Shelbyville Road, Washburn Ave, and Westport Road, are the responsibility of Louisville Metro and the State of Kentucky.

Winter Reminders

Please keep your walk and driveway shoveled for the benefit of your neighbors, the mail carrier, delivery persons, and other public service workers.

After heavy snowfalls, and when sidewalks are icy, St. Matthews residents must set garbage and recycling containers out to the street for pickup. Ensure your container lids are secure, and that liquid has not frozen the lid to the container as our sanitation provider cannot empty frozen containers.

Per St. Matthews ordinance, all garbage, recycling, and yard waste containers should not be set out until 5 p.m. the day before the scheduled pickup, and all containers should be put away the same day they are emptied.

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