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Leaf Collection Update

The first round of the 2023 fall leaf collection has been completed.  City works crew will be repeating the routes in order however, no prior notice signs will be posted.  Remember to get leaves to the front of your property, but not on the street or blocking...

St. Matthews has a Facebook Page

Recognizing that our residents have different preferences for getting information, the City of St. Matthews has created a new Facebook page.  In addition to our website, the FB page City of St. Matthews, KY-Government will post updates, reminders, and events happening...

St. MAM’s Needs Volunteers

St. MAM will be re-opening in it's new location soon and needs to rebuild it's volunteer base for the food pantry operations.  In particular, the Tuesday afternoon 3:15-6:00 PM shift needs help. Volunteers would work one of the following stations:  distribute...

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