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Warwick Park


Warwick Park is designed to be enjoyed by all aged groups.

Rededicated in May 2007 after an extensive upgrade, this 8.4 acre park offers amenities such as picnic tables, a large pavilion, 4 basketball goals, and a baseball practice back stop. Grills, water fountains, and Port-A-Pot restrooms are on site.

There is an asphalt walking track around the perimeter of the park making 2.3 laps equal to one mile, and an up-to-date play area recommended for children 4-12 years with swing and bench seating for adults.

The center of the park is an open space suitable for flying kites, tossing discs, or as utilized during the spring and fall seasons for numerous soccer practices and games by local schools and athletic groups.

A walk-in only entrance is located off Virginia Avenue while free parking areas are available at the entrances off of Columbia, Kentucky and Washburn Avenues.

The Warwick Park pavilion and/or baseball field can be reserved at no cost, should you wish to schedule a party or event for a specific date and time. To learn more about reservations click here, or telephone St. Matthews City Hall at 502-895-9444.

Park Rules

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed.
  • Walking track is for walkers and joggers only.
  • Obey the city leash law.
  • Put all trash in receptables.
  • No Parking on grass. Park in designated areas only.

Hours of operation:
Warwick Park is open to the public from dawn to dusk, as it is with all City of St. Matthews parks.

Location:   Warwick Park is located in the eastern area of St. Matthews.

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