Recognized in 1997 by Landscape Architecture Magazine as an award-winning park, Brown Park—being 28 acres in size—is designed for all ages. The park is located just a few blocks away from Arthur K. Draut Park, which allows visitors to leisurely walk between each, utilizing the public sidewalk system.

Visitors to Brown Park enjoy several asphalt walking trails that meander through wooded areas along the bends of and over historic Beargrass Creek. One path leads to the original family cemetery of the James Graham Brown family, who donated the land for Brown Park to the City of St. Matthews in 1977.

In addition, Brown Park has many distinctive features from other St. Matthews parks, such as interpretive, multi-layered stone columns that show the geological periods of limestone formation in Kentuckiana. The stone columns are shown in the fourth photo of the gallery on the right side of this page. For more information about the interpretive stone columns, click here.

The east side of the park, bordered by Browns Lane, has become home to several species of wild duck, including Canadian Geese. Although posted to “not feed the ducks” these feathered friends of the park seem to somehow enjoy a morsel or two from park visitors. Other types of wildlife can be observed at times throughout the park. During the spring months, many different flowering plants can be enjoyed.

Other amenities in Brown Park include:

  • Large pavilion with picnic tables
  • Play area equipped for children ages 2-12, musical play features, and forest play 
  • Open areas for personal enjoyment
  • BBQ grills and picnic areas spaced about the park
  • A water fountain and family restrooms are available
  • Free parking on site

Hours of operation: Brown Park is open to the public from dawn to dusk, as it is with all City of St. Matthews parks. Location: Brown Park is located at the corner of Browns Lane and Kresge Way