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Speed Humps


If you are interested in speed humps being installed on your residential street, please contact City Engineer, Jim Birch, to explore the possibilities, and verify that the necessary requirements are met, before gathering the required petition. Contact the city engineer at 502-899-2518 during the following office hours.
Monday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. – 12 noon.

Prior to installing speed humps, guidelines outlined in our Speed Hump Installation Policy must be satisfied.

Streets not eligible for Speed Humps
Grandview Avenue
Massie Avenue
Sherburn Lane
Willis Avenue
Winchester Road

Official Request Procedure

A petition that documents that a minimum of 75% of the property owners on a low-density residential street supports the installation of speed humps. If response cards are sent to property owners by the City of St. Matthews, 2/ 3 of those responding by the stated response date, will determine the support of the installation of speed humps.

The City of St. Matthews has developed the following policy based on the Institute of Transportaion Engineers (ITE) Recommended Practices and policies adopted by other jurisdictions.


The following criteria must be satisfied for a street to be considered eligible for speed hump installation.

  1. Vehicle speeds measured by radar during a study conducted by the city, or its contractor, will be used to establish the 85th percentile speed for the street. This street speed must be 5 mph above the legal speed limit for consideration of speed hump installation. Typically, street speeds up to 35mph will be cases for increased enforcement and street speeds 35mph or greater will be cases for targeted enforcement and evaluated for speed hump installation.
  2. The street should be primarily residential and have a 25 mph speed limit.
  3. The street must be recognized by St. Matthews Police Department as a high-speed corridor, with habitual speeding citations.
  4. There must be no more than one moving lane of traffic in each direction.
  5. Traffic volumes must be more than 800 but less than 3,000 vehicles, two-way volume, per 24-hour period.
  6. The street must not have curves or grades that prevent safe placement of the humps. Driver must have a minimum of 225’ sight-distance of the hump.
  7. Speed humps should not be installed on streets near a fire station that serve as the primary response routes.
  8. Speed hump should not be placed directly in front of a residence, within 10’ of a driveway or a mailbox.9. If all of the above requirements are met, the City of St. Matthews will request a petition that documents that a minimum of 75% of the property owners on a low-density residential street support the installation of speed humps.     


    Application and design of speed humps shall comply with the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), Recommended Practice.

    All signage and pavement markings shall comply wiht the current edition of the MUTCD.  Should signage and markings not be defined in the MUTCD, they shall comply with ITE’s Recommended Practice.

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