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Occupational Tax

The City of St. Matthews has established by ordinance that all persons working within the City of St. Matthews are required to pay an occupational tax fee of .75% (3/4 of 1%) on gross wages and commissions earned in St. Matthews.

An Application Questionnaire is to be completed in order to establish an account for reporting employee withholding tax. Applications can be submitted in person at the city hall administration office, or by mailing to:

City of St. Matthews
Attn: Occupational Tax
3940 Grandview Avenue
St. Matthews, Kentucky 40207

All Occupational Tax withheld from employee wages are to be submitted to the City of St. Matthews quarterly utilizing the City of St. Matthews Annual Reconciliation form.

To apply for a refund of occupational tax previously paid, submit the request utilizing the Occupational Tax Refund form.

All business forms can be obtained at the city administrative office during regular business hours, or can be accessed using the form links provided on this website.

QUESTIONS: Telephone the City of St. Matthews at (502) 895-9444.

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