Committee chairmen are appointed by the mayor and are responsible for investigation and review of their respective area of interest. All recommendations by the committee, requiring any action, are brought to the attention of the mayor and city council for approval.


Police  –  Chairman Councilmember Bernie Bowling

Review policies and procedures of the police department for formulation of recommendations for official approval by the City Council.


Communications  –  Chairman Councilmember Mary Jo Nay

Responsible for the production of the city newsletter, development and maintenance of the city website, Reach Alert protocol, production of city brochures and advertising, seasonal printings and annual publications.


Building  – Chairman Councilmember Amy Olson

Design and implementation of maintenance, upgrades, and improving structures of city buildings. Determines best application for space management.


Parks  –  Chairman Councilmember Stuart Monohan

Long and short range planning for city parks and green spaces throughout the city; effective maintenance for the purpose of enduring growth of city canopy and foliage; Insuring that recreational areas and equipment are updated as required for safety and enjoyment.


Insurance  – Chairman Councilmember Frank Flynn

Responsible for investigation and recommendations for all types of city insurance programs, including Health, Dental, Workman’s Compensation, Life, Property, Causality and General Liability.