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Drainage / Surface Water

 Program Goals and Services

  • Protect people, property and infrastructure from flooding and its impacts.
  • Develop master plans for drainage basins in the city.
  • Rehabilitate and improve existing stormwater facilities that are aging or reaching the end of their design-life.
  • Work on drainage improvement projects that are designed and prioritized to provide cost-effective flood protection.
  • Work to protect and maintain the quality of streams.
  • Providing the proper maintenance and repair to all of our City’s stormwater drainage systems, using heavy equipment and hard labor, we get closer to achieving our goal of improvement and reduction of localized flooding.

    Private Drainage & Erosion Issues

    Private drainage and erosion issues, as well as ground water issues, are the responsibility of the property owner. Drainage directed from gutters, downspouts or other private systems to neighboring properties is a civil matter between the property owners. Driveways, and their associated culverts or bridges, that cross public drainage systems (e.g., that cross over ditches or streams) are also property owner responsibilities.

    Information or assistance may be available from Public Works about the cause of the problem and possible solutions; however, the city cannot recommend a particular contractor or undertake any work outside a city easement.

    Property owners are responsible for routine grounds maintenance such as grass mowing and trash / debris removal. Owners should ensure that systems and structures are kept free of yard waste (grass clippings, tree trimmings, and leaves) or other obstructions that may block the flow of water, including:

    • Driveways and their associated culverts or bridges
    • Fences, which are allowed in easements as long as they do not block the flow of
      storm drainage
    • Trees, shrubs and other growth within easements

    How You Can Help

    Keep storm drains free of litter and debris. Do not rake or dump grass clippings or leaves into the storm drainage or ditch system. Keep the area easily accessible in case repairs or maintenance are necessary. Do not place sheds or other permanent structures in the easement or on top of drainage structures.

    Apply pesticides and fertilizers several days before rain is forecast; if applied right before a rain, most of it will just wash off and end up in the storm drain. Consider reducing the frequency that these products are applied. 

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