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Unfortunately, communities throughout the United States are experiencing an increase in graffiti.

Some of the graffiti is made by individuals wanting to express themselves or to cause vandalism, yet other types of graffiti are the results of gang influence.

Whatever the case, the treatment is straightforward and clear.

First report the matter to the local police department, then, remove all graffiti of any kind immediately. Leaving the graffiti in place, with the attitude of “Why remove it. The vandals will surely just return to deface again”, is a serious mistake. Studies have shown that leaving graffiti in place, promotes more graffiti.

Currently, the City of St. Matthews does not have a specific ordinance regarding graffiti. However, graffiti ordinance, number 26-2006, utilized by Louisville Metro government does apply to St. Matthews and can be enforced.

To review a copy of the Louisville Metro ordinance in it’s entirety, visit click here!

If you have observed graffiti within the City of St. Matthews and would like to report it click here. Any detail the will assist in locating the graffiti is appreciated. Your information will be forwarded to the appropriate persons so that the situation can be addressed directly. The mayor and city council members thank you for your involvement in keeping St. Matthews a great community for all.

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