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Reach Alert Notification

Be Informed

If you would like to receive information that the mayor and city council members consider valuable or essential to city residents, i.e. storm damage pick-up, garbage schedule changes, or even emergency alerts, please take one minute to sign up for Reach Alert notifications. You can choose to receive informative emails, text or telephone message.

How to Register

Go to Network: St. Matthews (city).

For assistance registering for Reach Alert contact Reach Alert customer service at 877-307-9313 or

Stay Informed with Reach Alert

How interested are you in knowing what is going on in your particular neighborhood, or within the City of St. Matthews? Are you a person who always wants to be informed and updated?

The City of St. Matthews works diligently to keep open communication between city government and its residents and businesses.  City leaders know that communication is a key element in making your city a great place to live, work, and play. Therefore, the city has in place the Reach Alert Messaging System to execute accurate communications to those who desire to be up to date. 


Assert your right to be informed by registering for the Free St. Matthews (city) Reach Alert messaging now online at or telephone the Reach Alert office at 877-307-9313.  It takes one minute to register, and messages are dispatched on an as-needed basis.

Users of the system can customize how they receive their city notices, from text, email, or telephone call, and multiple persons from the same address can participate. Users can select to receive ONLY ALERTS, or ONLY REMINDERS, or BOTH. All of these options can be changed by the User at any time, 24/7, by logging in to their Reach Alert account or calling the Reach Alert office.

When prompted, please use the following information to register for our Network.

Network Name: St. Matthews (city)
Role: Resident or Business
Address: Enter address in first box and street name in the second box.

If you opted to receive text alerts, Reach Alert will send a text message to your cell phone immediately upon completion of your registration. Please enter the 4-digit number on the registration screen and then click the word VALIDATE. If you do not receive this message, please call Reach Alert.


In August of 2015, the city added an innovative avenue of communications, St. Matthews (city) Free Reach Alert messaging, available to anyone, both residential and commercial.  Reach Alert allows the city to dispatch messages of importance in real time, on an as-needed basis, to those who are registered, which takes 1 minute to sign up.

Users who opt to receive ALERT message can expect to be notified of situation of high importance, with possible scenarios as;

  • A railroad crossing closure, possibly due to an accident.
  • A major traffic event, such as a massive wreck on a major city road.
  • Numerous traffic signals out due to wide spread power outages.
  • An active police incident is taking place on your street.
  • Street closures.
  • A missing senior, child, or person with special needs or dementia needs to be found.
  • Other situations that the city feels may affect your daily life.

Users who opt to receive additional REMINDER messages regarding St. Matthews may be notified that; 

  • Your 40% Tax Discount on your property tax is nearing the deadline, don’t miss out.
  • Your garbage will be picked up one day later, because of a holiday, or your garbage will not be picked up due to an unforeseen circumstance,
  • City happenings, such as the annual Street Festival, Halloween in Brown Park, Light Up St. Matthews, Police National Night Out, Chamber Free Movies in the Park, Shakespeare in the Park, Little League Ball Parade, or a Drug Disposal / Shred Drop event.
  • City offices will be closed, Leaf Pick up is underway, How to properly dispose of your Christmas tree, St. Matthews Chamber Holiday contests for residents, or a Free Covid testing location is open St. Matthews.

These are just some of the possible scenarios that the Reach Alert system can keep you informed about.

Where is your interest if any of these scenarios would take place?

It only takes one minute to register, and messages are dispatched on an as-needed basis, so sign up for St. Matthews (city) Free Reach Alert messaging system today!

We look forward to keeping you informed.

Register for the City of St. Matthews free Reach Alert Notification System! If you wish to receive valuable alerts and reminders from the City, simply click THIS LINK.