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IT Communications

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If you would like to receive information that the mayor and city council members consider valuable or essential to city residents, i.e. storm damage pick-up, garbage schedule changes, or even emergency alerts, please take one minute to sign up for Reach Alert notifications. You can choose to receive informative emails, text or telephone message.

How to Register

Go to Network: St. Matthews (city).

For assistance registering for Reach Alert contact Reach Alert customer service at 877-307-9313 or

The St. Matthews Public Information Technology Department is located on the third floor of City Hall at 3940 Grandview Ave. The Department has evolved over the years as the technological needs of the City of St. Matthews have grown and was formalized as a separate department in 2018. The IT (Information Technology) Team leader is Mr. Shawn Weatherholt, I.T. Director, who manages several others who assist with implementing and maintaining the systems of the different City Departments and the St. Matthews Police.

The responsibilities of the IT Department are to maintain the systems and technological services of the City and Police Departments, to explore new innovations and opportunities for technology, and to implement new technologies to better serve the city and its residents.

Throughout the year, the IT Department works to find better solutions for providing services to employees and residents so that St. Matthews residents and employees have the best experience possible. If there are any suggestions or thoughts on how the IT Team can better achieve this, you are encouraged to send those to the IT Director for consideration.

Shawn Weatherholt – IT Director (502) 618-8040

Register for the City of St. Matthews free Reach Alert Notification System! If you wish to receive valuable alerts and reminders from the City, simply click THIS LINK.