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Electronic Speed Signs


The installation of electronic radar speed limit sign is based on a recommendation by the Public Works Director and approved by the Mayor/City Council. There currently are not any published standards provided by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) pertaining to the requirements of electronic radar speed limit signs, the following details the City of St. Matthews policy for analyzing the need for such devices:


The following criteria must be satisfied for a street to be considered eligible for an electronic radar speed limit sign.

1. Eligible streets should be those classified or perceived by the traveling public to be minor collectors. Traffic volumes must be more than 1000 vehicles, two-way volume, per 24-hour period

2. Vehicle speeds measured by radar during a study conducted by the City or its contractor will be used to establish the 85th percentile speed for the street. This street speed must be a minimum of 5 mph above the legal speed limit for consideration of a radar speed limit sign.

3. There must be no more than one moving lane of traffic in each direction.

4. The street must be primarily residential and have a 25 mph speed limit.

5. The street must be recognized by St. Matthews Police Department as a high-speed corridor, with habitual speeding citations.


For questions or more information please contact:
City EngineerJim Birch  502-899-2518
STM Public Work Director
Kenan Stratman  502-899-2517

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