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1. Shelbyville Road Plaza & Bluegrass Center

Shelbyville Road Plaza, located at 4600 Shelbyville Road, is a popular spot to discover ”first location in Kentucky” stores and establishments. Well known businesses from across the country now call the Shelbyville Road Plaza home. Shoppers can find a host of retail establishments offing merchandise ranging from clothing for the whole family, jewelry, musical instruments and household needs, along with specialty medical providers and craft centers. Many eateries are scattered through the plaza offering a quick bite, take out or an enjoyable sit down experience.

Bluegrass Manor Shopping Center, an open-air shopping center, is conveniently located at 4900 Shelbyville Road.  The center has four entrances for easy access.  The unique offerings at Bluegrass Manor include retailers such as a large health food market, a fitness center, and home and health product providers. Outbuildings on the site include a fast-food restaurant, communications retailer, and an American Legion post. 

2. Mall St. Matthews

Mall St. Matthews is committed to providing an enjoyable shopping experience for their guests. Conveniently located at 5000 Shelbyville Road, just off of I-264, exit 20B. Customers can peruse the offering of an abundance of stores and kiosks or enjoy entertainment venues including a cinema movie theater with first run releases.  A host of dining establishments are on site, offering a quick bite, take out or an enjoyable sit down experience.  Parking surface lots surround Mall St. Matthews and a one-level parking deck is located on the east side of the mall.  Public transpiration by TARC buses drop off directly in front of Mall St. Matthews on Shelbyville Road.

3. Dutchman’s and Breckenridge Lane Area

Dutchman’s Lane, with its route through the center of the Dupont area, known as a prominent  suburban medical locale, offers a sprinkling of retail shops, salons, financial institutions, home product needs,  and an array of eateries offering a quick bite, take out or an enjoyable sit down experience.  Many businesses offer medical services or medical support services as the area features three major hospitals.

Breckenridge Lane, conveniently located just off of I-265, hosts a generous range of restaurants offering a quick bite, take out or an enjoyable sit down experience.  The area features a major retailer in home improvements, office and crafts supplies, specialty shops and home product needs. Close by are many physicians’ offices and medical support services, as the area features three major hospitals.

4. Lexington Road & Frankfort Avenue Corridor:   

Shopping just got a little easier at The Vogue, the shopping center tucked between Lexington Road and Frankfort Avenue, at the intersection of Shelbyville Road. With its double-sided entrance through the Taylor Promenade, patrons may park on either the Lexington Road or Frankfort Avenue side, and have access to any of the stores. The Vogue is a charming and unique marketplace of specialty shops, and inviting outlets for delicious food creations, while the surrounding areas offer distinctive eateries, financial institutions, along with exceptional service and retail businesses.

5. Chenoweth Lane Area

The Chenoweth Lane Area is comprised of Chenoweth Lane and Breckenridge Lane intersecting north and south at the 3900 /3800 block of Shelbyville Road and extending two blocks east and west along Shelbyville Road from this intersection.

Chenoweth Lane is commercially developed in the first 0.4 miles from its intersection north of Shelbyville Road, while Breckenridge Lane hosts many retailers within the first 0.1 mile just to the south. Businesses affronting this stretch include medical, financial, personal care, laundry and auto services, in addition to hometown friendly home and garden improvement retailers. Eateries offering a quick bite, take out or an enjoyable sit down experience abound the area, along with distinct dessert establishments.

Chenoweth Square, a shopping plaza, is an open air center comprised of restaurants and unique specialty shops offering clothing, garden items, home décor and an exceptional bakery for your pampered pets.

This Shelbyville Road corridor is the earliest business district in City of St .Matthews history and still home to some stores in their original buildings and locations. Shoppers and patrons can find unique restaurants, bars, and specialty food shops. Retailers offer local merchandise with many one-of-kind wares.

6. Westport Road / Hubbards Lane

Woodlawn Shopping Center, anchored by a major grocery, is located on the southeast corner of Westport Road and North Hubbards Lane.  Woodlawn Center is home to an array of retail stores offering products such as clothing, jewelry, framing and entertainment, along with financial and medical locations including a donation center for the American Red Cross. Many service shops are on site to address needs such as sports and fitness, pets, education, and mailing and postal. Retailers and boutiques can be found offering personal services and supplies. Numerous restaurants are available offering a quick bite, take out or an enjoyable sit down experience.

The Target center is located on the southwestern corner of Westport Road and North Hubbards Lane. Outbuildings onsite and bounding the center supply recreation equipment sales and a major grocery fueling station.

7. Westport Village

Westport Village advertises to be Louisville’s Premier Outdoor Specialty Shopping Center, with local award-winning shops, boutiques, restaurants and lifestyle concepts. Westport Village is framed by architecture and landscaping which interprets the gracious heritage and rich, equestrian traditions of Kentucky. A Main Street lined with beautiful streetscape, is conveniently assessed by vehicles while still providing an inviting plaza, paths and discoveries for pedestrians of all ages. Located near the corner of Westport Road between Herr Lane and Lyndon Lane, Westport Village offers a true outdoor specialty shopping experience.

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