Prescription Drug Disposal Box 005

Prescription Drug Disposal 


A drop-off box is located just inside the St. Matthews Police Department in the City Hall building and prevents unused prescription drugs from being used by the wrong persons and from polluting the environment. Improper disposal of drugs can accidentally poison children or pets who find them in the trash can. They can be scavenged from trash receptacles to be illegally used or sold. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported in a poll that 70% of high school seniors using prescription drugs, not prescribed for them, got them from a friend or relative.

Besides potentially hurting loved ones or pets, improper disposal of unused drugs can hurt the environment. Some medication products should not be flushed down the toilet or drain, burned in the open, or thrown in the trash because they can contaminate the environment by into drinking and ground water. They may kill bacteria or produce drug resistant bacteria in sewage treatment plants and septic systems if flushed down the drain. Burning can release toxic pollutants into the air.

Residents wishing to make a deposit in the Drug Disposal Box must follow some simple steps;

1) Empty all drugs from their containers and place them loosely in a sealed plastic bag; All pills can be placed in the same plastic bag.
     Recycle the empty drug container in your weekly recycling or at a recycling center. 

2) Do Not include over the counter medications.

3) Do Not include liquid medicines, inhalers, creams, lotions, patches or needles.  Please contact your physician’s office or local pharmacy 
    for the proper disposal of these items.


Due to the overwhelming success of this service, we find it necessary to only allow disposal
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m


To learn about which drugs should be disposed of in a community drug disposal location and which drugs can be disposed of easily from any residence click here.