Street Lights

StreetLightAtNightReport an out of service street light:

Street lights throughout St. Matthews are serviced by the Louisville Gas & Electric company. If you know of a street light that requires service, dial 502-589-3500 to reach the outdoor lighting department of the Louisville Gas & Electric company or click this link .LG&E’s business hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday. You will need to provide them with the street name and closest business or residential address to the light pole being reported for service.

New street light installation:

Residents desiring street lights on their residential block should provide the City of St. Matthews with a petition reflecting the signatures of the property owners in the proposed installation area.  This petition should reflect 51% of the property owners who wish to have street lights installed. The petition should be submitted to the city clerk at the St. Matthews City Hall, located at 3940 Grandview Ave, third floor, between Breckenridge and Browns Lane, during regular business hours. Upon approval by the city council, the Louisville Gas & Electric Company will be contacted. LG&E will determine how many lights will be required to properly light the area and the exact placement of the light poles.

Residents may not select light pole installation locations, however, they may select from one of two light styles currently being utilized throughout our city.