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Operations Bureau

The St. Matthews Police Department Operations Bureau is commanded by an Executive Command Staff member who holds the rank of major. The Operations Bureau consists of the Patrol Division and several specialty units, each of which are tasked with distinctive roles that are directed toward the basic patrol and tactical operations of the police department. The specialty units are the Training Cadre, St. Matthews Accident Reconstruction Team (SMART), Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) and Canine.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division consists of twenty-two full time officers, three part time officers and six sergeants. To ensure coverage to our community, the officers work three shifts patrolling the streets responding to accidents and enforcing laws. During overlap shifts, sergeants establish proactive details to assist in deterring crime.

Training Cadre

The Training Cadre consists of officers who delegate time outside their regular duties to help instruct in firearms, self-defense, driving and various other skills which help our officers become better trained and more professional.

St. Matthews Accident Reconstruction Team (SMART)

The St. Matthews Accident Reconstruction Team is comprised of officers with extensive training in investigating vehicle collisions. All members of the team attend a six-week accident reconstruction school where they learn how to determine the cause of the collision. In addition to the six-week accident reconstruction training, team members attend specialized training for accidents that occur at railroad and pedestrian crossings, bicycle, ATV, and commercial vehicle accidents. This training enables them to give a professional response to fatal collisions, collisions with critical injuries, collisions involving government vehicles and other collisions that are out of the ordinary

Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)

The Special Weapons and Tactics team was formed in January 2007 to give the department the ability to respond to situations involving active shooters in the city. There had been no specific threats against any potential St. Matthews targets, but police leaders and officers were aware that the city has a number of schools, churches, hospitals, and large retail facilities which are often crowded locations that have been the sites of mass violence in other American cities. The SWAT team will respond to civil disturbance, active shooters, barricaded subjects, hostage takings, severe weather events and for the service of high-risk search and arrest warrants. Team members have completed basic and intermediate/advanced tactical team training and a variety of other tactical team related courses including instructor development. The team trains to the highest recommended standards on a monthly basis. The SWAT team is issued personal and team equipment such as heavy armor, ballistic helmets and shields, rifles, special munitions delivery systems such as a variety of less lethal methods and breaching tools for making structure entries. The SMPD sworn members that serve on the SWAT team are doing so on a voluntary, additional duty basis.

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