SPECIAL VIRTUAL Council Meeting Minutes
May 12, 2020

A special meeting of the St. Matthews City Council was held VIRTUALLY on Tuesday, May 12, 2020. The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. The meeting was held at St. Matthews City Hall, 3940 Grandview Avenue. The following people were present:

Richard J. Tonini

Councilmember Bernie Bowling                                             Councilmember Stuart Monohan
Councilmember Cathi Clark                                                   Councilmember Mary Jo Nay
Councilmember Frank Flynn – absent                                     Councilmember Amy Olson
Councilmember Tim Holland                                                 Councilmember Tony Weiter

John Singler – St. Matthews City Attorney
Barry Wilkerson – Chief, St. Matthews Police Department
Susan Clark – St. Matthews City Clerk/Treasurer
Jack Ruf – St. Matthews Planning and Zoning Officer
Jim Birch – St. Matthews Engineer
Kenan Stratman – St. Matthews Public Works Director
Sean Arms – St. Matthews IT Director

Tom Raderer – Resident
Josh Suiter – Chamber of St. Matthews
Elizabeth Cleary – Chamber of St. Matthews
Doug Duren – Representing Texas Roadhouse
Brandon Goldberg – Representing Jaggers
David Stolberg – Representing Jaggers
Officer George Jetter – St. Matthews Police


The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished followed by the roll call vote of attendance.


A motion was made by Councilmember Nay to approve the minutes from the April 28, 2020 regular meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Weiter.

Upon Voice Vote: (7-0) the motion carried.


No one had any comments to add due to special meeting status.



No discussion took place due to the topic being tabled.

ORDINANCE 19-10                    GOLF CART ALLOWANCE – Tabled

No discussion took place on this subject matter.


MUNICIPAL ORDER 20-04          RDDDP –                                          JOHN SINGLER, ATTORNEY
                                                6221 DUTCHMANS LANE

City Attorney John Singler summarized MO 20-04 allowing the development and operation of a restaurant named Jaggers at 6221 Dutchmans Lane. After consulting with Jack Ruf, St. Matthews Planning and Zoning Officer, the radius mandated was changed from 10-feet to a 15-foot radius. Wheel stops were requested adjacent to the landscaping. It is clearly stated in binding element #10 that any future signs must comply with St. Matthews Code. Binding element #11 requires the developer to include a new sidewalk westward along the northern side of the access drive. Additionally, the developer shall establish a crosswalk connecting the new sidewalk to the proposed sidewalk in the front of this building. Binding element #12 will require the developer to obtain release or other modification of a 20-foot buffer easement along Dutchmans Lane and all binding elements must be communicated to tenants, purchasers, contractors, subcontractors and other parties engaged in the development of the site. Mayor Tonini added the property that formerly operated as Texas Roadhouse will likely become a strip-mall. Councilmember Monohan asked for clarification on the sideway plan. Councilmember Nay inquired if the landscape plan would abide by and maintain parkway standards set forth by the City of St. Matthews. Jack Ruf assured Councilmember Nay the landscaping plan will be reviewed, and standards will be met. Brandon Goldberg, representing Jaggers, explained the restaurant will have a brick veneer, metal siding and 25-foot maximum height level. The dumpster will be enclosed. The restaurant will serve hamburgers, chicken and fresh salads prepared daily. Councilmember Monohan made a motion to accept MO 20-04. The motion was seconded by Councilmembers Weiter and Holland.

Upon Voice Vote: (7-0) the motion carried.


Councilmember Weiter made a motion to approve the expenditures listed and have checks drawn on the city’s treasury in the total of $156,794.63. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Nay.

Upon Roll Call Vote: (7-0) the motion carried. Yes Votes: Councilmembers Clark, Weiter, Holland, Monohan, Bowling, Nay, and Olson. No Votes: None.


· Councilmember Monohan expressed interested in having a Parks Committee meeting to discuss possible renovation of the Community Center and other potential items to be included in the 2020-2021 St. Matthews government budget. No date was set.


Mr. Singler had no additional comments.


Mayor Tonini discussed the following items:

· Discussion commenced regarding avenues to help businesses, specifically restaurants, as they rebuild. Jack Ruf weighed-in on state requirements for serving of alcohol and other requirements that will need to be considered. Councilmember Monohan affirmed the mayor confer with City Attorney John Singler and Planning, Zoning, and Alcohol Beverage Control Officer Jack Ruf, to determine guidelines and proceed by Executive Order. Per the Governor’s direction, restaurants are allowed to have seating if a list of criteria are met.
· Mayor Tonini relayed the bid has been released for the replacement of the vinyl tile on the 1st floor of City Hall. It will be replaced with a ceramic gray tile. The bid opening is set for May 18th.
· Computers for councilmember’s workstations have been ordered and are due for delivery this week. Best Buy had a terrific sale with $200 off-of each computer.
· Preliminary work for the redesign of the St. Matthews Community Center has begun.
· Bid opening for the drainage work is set for May 15th. The official start date is May 26th and the completion date is set for late September in order for sod to be successful.
· Cundiff Electric will be at City Hall Wednesday morning, May 13th to install a handicap, accessible electric door at the main entrance.


Councilmember Weiter made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Nay.

Upon Voice Vote: (7-0) the motion carried, and the meeting adjourned at 8:21 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Clark, City Clerk
Richard Tonini, Mayor

MAY 12, 2020      
counter-signed by the City Clerk authorizing payment of the below listed invoices:
A+ Paper Shredding   Admin./Police – Document Destruction $40.00 
Anderson’s Sales & Service   Works – Supplies $206.04 
AT&T   City Hall/Comm. Center – Phones $265.81 
B&K Printing   Admin. – Business Cards $66.00 
Bob Hook Chevrolet   Police – Vehicle Repair & Maintenance $1,250.24 
Bound Tree Medical   Police – Gloves $368.07 
Cintas   Works – Uniforms $2,406.61 
Fed Ex Express   Works – Delivery of Salt $145.00 
Earth First   Works – Top Soil $1,122.00 
Galls    Police – Uniforms $237.45 
HDR Engineering   Works – Engineering for Winchester Rd $1,467.22 
Home Depot   Works – Supplies and Materials $553.44 
Huber Tire   Works – Backhoe Tire $77.49 
Lewis Seed   Works – Fescue $299.36 
Leonard Brush & Chemical   Works – Supplies $1,297.13 
Louisville Gas & Electric   Works – Electric/Street Lights $31,310.82 
Louisville Water Company   Works – Water $236.46 
Lowe’s   Works – Supplies and Materials $698.50 
Marlin Business Bank   Admin. – Copy Machine Charge $136.00 
Miller Company   Admin/Police – Copy Machine Charge $54.30 
Mirzon   Admin. – Monthly Maintenance Fee $2,846.00 
NAPA   Works – Supplies and Materials $106.96 
Natural Products   Works – Fill Dirt $100.00 
Nixon Power   Works – Maintenance City Hall Generator $583.00 
PNC   All – Credit Card Charges $2,444.07 
RCS Communications   Police – Radio Maintenance $1,303.45 
Rumpke   Works – Garbage & Portalets $92,445.55 
Security Pro’s   Works – Security City Hall/Brown Park $1,161.89 
Saf-Ti-Co   Works – Street Signs $75.95 
Security Pro’s   Works/Police – Monitoring $74.00 
Site One   Works – Plants $355.00 
Singler & Ritsert   Admin. – City Attorney Fees $5,064.75 
Sparkle Brite III   Police – Vehicle Wash $239.00 
St. Matthews Exterminating   Comm. Center – Pest Control $88.00 
Spectrum   Works/Police – Monitoring $194.98 
Tony’s Wrecker Service   Police – Towing $75.00 
Total Truck Parts   Works – Adaptor $17.68 
Voiance   Police – Interperation Services $37.22 
Welders Supply   Works – Compressed Air $33.60 
Willis Klein   Works – Supplies $39.77 
Wilson Equipment   Works – Repair $875.32 
Library City Hall    
Reimbursements and Payments    
Clark, Susan   Admin. – Reimburse for Computers $1,399.98 
Jones, Eddie   Police – Reimburse for Computers $1,399.98 
Jost, Beth   Admin. – Newsletter Writing $700.00 
Kaufman, Wayne   Police – K-9 Food Expense $95.58 
Stratman, Keenan   Works – Reimburse for Computers $1,399.98 
Tonini, Richard   Admin. – Reimburse for Computers $1,399.98 
TOTAL   $156,794.63