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Victim Services

The St. Matthews Police Department contracts with a licensed behavior health professional to provide services to victims of crimes and emotionally distressed individuals.

Our Victim Services Specialist may be reached at 502-791-9965

Victim Services Specialist

The Victim Services Specialist provides crisis intervention services to crime victims during each step of the criminal justice process. The purpose of crisis intervention is to help the victim return to their normal level of functioning. The Victim Services Specialist can provide a variety of services to crime victims to afford them their rights, as outlined by the KRS, and help reduce any secondary trauma that may be experienced after the initial crime has occurred. The Specialist also provides crisis intervention to emotionally distressed individuals.

These services may include:

  • Emergency Aid;
  • Crisis intervention services;
  • Providing information about victim’s rights and services;
  • Providing information and assistance on security options/safety planning;
  • Assisting with filing Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs), Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs), and Interpersonal Protective Orders (IPOs);
  • Obtaining interpreter services;
  • Assisting with employers, academic institutions, creditors, service providers, and landlords;
  • Providing regular updates on the status of the investigation;
  • Providing basic information on the criminal justice system;
  • Aiding with filing crime victims’ compensation claims;
  • Providing resources for protection from intimidation and harassment;
  • Accompanying to line-ups, interviews, and other required appearances, as needed, upon the request of the victim and/or a police officer/detective;
  • Providing an advanced notification of the suspect’s arrest or released on bond;
  • Providing transportation assistance to and from court; and/or
  • Providing specialized services to child victims of sex-related crimes.


Per the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS) 421.500 through 421.576, law enforcement personnel, both sworn and civilian, will provide victims with information on available protective, emergency, social, and medical services upon initial contact and will give information on the following as soon as possible:

  • The availability of crime victim compensation, when applicable,
  • The criminal justice process as it involves the participation of the victim,
  • The date and time that the accused individual was arrested,
  • How to register for advanced notification of a defendant’s release from jail,
  • Updates on important occurrences and developments with their case, and
  • If requested, officers or Victim Services Specialists will assist the victim by informing the victim’s employer of the need for the victim’s cooperation in the prosecution of a case, which may necessitate an absence from work.


Under Marsy’s Law, victims of crime in Kentucky have the following rights (rights afforded to crime victims by Marsy’s Law work in conjunction with KRS 421.500):

  • A timely notice of all proceedings (upon request);
  • To be heard in any proceeding involving release, plea, sentencing, or consideration of pardon, commutation granting of reprieve, or other matter involving the rights of a victim;
  • To be present at all proceedings, other than the Grand Jury;
  • Proceedings will be free from unreasonable delay;
  • Consult with the attorney of the Commonwealth or their designee;
  • Reasonable protection from the accused;
  • A timely notice of release or escape of the accused;
  • Have the safety of the victim and victim’s family considered in setting bail, the defendant’s release, and conditions of release;
  • Full restitution to be paid by the convicted defendant;
  • Fairness and consideration of the victim’s safety, dignity, and privacy; and
  • To be informed of these rights and standing to assert these rights.


VINE® is a solution that lets victims of crime and other concerned citizens access timely and reliable information regarding offenders. It is offered free of charge to registrants, is completely confidential, and features multiple language support.

Offering peace of mind, the VINE service lets victims call a toll-free number, visit, or use the VINELink™ mobile app to anonymously check on an offender’s custody status.

Victims can also register to receive automated notifications about changes in that status via their choice of format: phone, email, or text. TTY (hearing impaired) service is also available.

Register for the City of St. Matthews free Reach Alert Notification System! If you wish to receive valuable alerts and reminders from the City, simply click THIS LINK.