Council Meeting Minutes
September 14, 2021

A meeting of the St. Matthews City Council was held in-person on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. The following people were present:

Richard J. Tonini

Councilmember Bernie Bowling                             Councilmember Stuart Monohan
Councilmember Cathi Clark                                   Councilmember Mary Jo Nay
Councilmember Frank Flynn – absent                     Councilmember Amy Olson
Councilmember Tim Holland                                 Councilmember Tony Weiter – absent

John Singler – St. Matthews City Attorney
Barry Wilkerson – Chief – St. Matthews Police Department
Susan Clark – St. Matthews City Clerk/Treasurer
Jack Ruf – St. Matthews Planning/Zoning/Code Enforcement/ABC Administrator/Signs

Pat Chapman – Resident
Gary Major – Resident
Bennett Estes – Resident
Josh Suiter – Chamber of St. Matthews
Kate Leitner – St. Matthews/Eline Branch Library


The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished followed by the roll call vote of attendance.


A motion was made by Councilmember Nay to approve the minutes from the August 24, 2021 council meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilmembers Holland and Olson.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried.


Kate Leitner gave an overview of upcoming events scheduled for the St. Matthews/Eline Branch of the library. While overall traffic is down slightly, the library continues to be a resource for the community. The following programs and events are scheduled:

· Tuesday, September 21 Prime Time Family Reading Program every Tuesday night thru October 12th.
· Class on how to sell items on E-Bay, 2:00 p.m. Thursday, September 16
· Movie Group Discussion Tuesday, September 21 at 2:00 p.m.
· Night Owls Book discussion Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. discussing book titled “Horrorstor”. Author Grady Hendrix will join virtually.
· Grief Support Group Tuesday, September 28 at 6:30 p.m.
· Class on parenting, October 7th at 2:00 p.m.
· History of Bowman Field, October 2nd at 2:00 p.m.
· Thursday Teen Time at 3:00 p.m. each week

Curbside pick-up continues to be available if requested.

Chamber of St. Matthews Membership Director Josh Suiter relayed the third movie in a series of four will be offered on Friday, September 17th at Voll Field. Mary Poppins Returns will be featured this week. Goosebumps will be featured on October 15th. Halloween in Brown Park is scheduled to be held at the park on October 23rd. Should covid numbers continue to rise and adjustments to the schedule are needed, arrangements have been made to change the venue to The Mall. The schedule would be much like what was implemented in 2020.



Mayor Tonini stated the Louisville Water Company has given approval for the work proposed. There will be a meeting on site next week with Kenan Stratman, St. Matthews Public Works Director, representatives of the Louisville Water Company and the contractor.


ORDINANCE 21-06                     RESET OF HOURS FOR                    JOHN SINGLER, ATTORNEY
                                                 ESTABLISHMENTS OPEN UNTIL 4:00 a.m. – 1st Reading

Attorney John Singler summarized for 1st reading Ordinance 21-06 indicating it would reset the hours of operation and therefore hours alcohol could be served in establishments with a specific type of alcohol license. At this time only 5 establishments in St. Matthews have this type of license addressed by this ordinance. One of these businesses closed recently. Two other businesses have indicated they are not planning to renew this type of alcohol license in October, the regular renewal month. That only leaves 2 businesses that would be affected. Chief Wilkerson stated that rowdy behavior has been experienced during the wee hours of the morning and this ordinance could help control unwanted behavior and crime. Extra police patrols have been in place for quite some time. Councilmember Monohan inquired how improvement could be measured if this ordinance is approved. Chief Wilkerson stated it is much easier to measure crime that has happened as opposed to what was stopped and this ordinance is a tool to help stop crime. He further stated the starting point of risk management is to eliminate the risk. Additionally, Councilmember Monohan asked about extended hours for Derby weekend. It was learned Derby weekend would be an exception if it is approved and then extended for that period of time. Councilmember Nay inquired if it is possible to hold businesses accountable for people loitering in their parking lots. Discussion followed on this topic. Ultimately police become involved when loitering is in progress. Councilmember Bowling made a motion to accept this as 1st reading for Ordinance 21-06. The motion was seconded by Councilmembers Nay and Holland.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried for approval of 1st reading.

ORDINANCE 21-07                     2021-2022 FY AD VALOREM TAX     JOHN SINGLER, ATTORNEY
                                                 1st Reading

Mr. Singler summarized Ordinance 21-07 which would set the tax rate for the 2021-2022 fiscal year budget. The projections are ever so slightly over the compensating rate which would call for a public hearing. The public hearing would be set on the same date as the next council meeting, September 28th, 2021. Councilmember Bowling inquired how there could be 150 parcels eliminated from last year to this fiscal year. Mayor Tonini educated those present that the Office of the Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) was able to combine slivers of parcels that had been billed separately but owned by the same adjoining person or business. They were not removed from St. Matthews but were rightfully combined with adjoining properties but had been billed separately. Councilmember Nay made a motion to accept this as 1st reading of Ordinance 21-07. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Monohan.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried for 1st reading of Ordinance 21-07.


Councilmember Bowling made a motion to approve the expenditures listed and have checks drawn on the city’s treasury in the total of $231,771.94. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Nay.

Upon Roll Call Vote: (6-0) the motion carried. Yes Votes: Councilmembers Bowling, Clark, Holland, Monohan, Nay, and Olson. No Votes: None.


· Councilmember Holland relayed a person is interested in renting the house that is available. Appropriate routine procedures are being followed.


· No report was made.


Mayor Tonini made the following report:

· FYI – Changes may be coming to Chenoweth Court. No details given nor action taken at this time.
· The bridge in the bend on Dupont is due for some upgrades. HDR Engineering is working on plans to make the walkway ADA accessible as well as updating the deck. The bid should go out next week
· A master plan for Warwick Park is going to be created.
· There will be a meeting on Wednesday, September 15 with representatives of Precision Concrete to communicate identified tripping hazards on sidewalks and implement a plan to fix the problems.
· A meeting is planned for Thursday, September 16 with MSD regarding erecting a 9-foot wall with a concrete floor to help channel excess water flowing behind the homes on Kentucky Avenue.
· Kenan Stratman is working with Brad Anderson of Redwing to update Draut Park much like was completed at Brown Park.
· Six streets are due to be paved in October.
· Asphalt paths will be removed at Brown Park and replaced with concrete. An additional path will be extended and/or added to existing paths. Dead or diseased trees will be removed as well.
· Drainage work on Sears and Oeschli Avenues is on-going.
· Drilling has commenced at the Community Center to implement a geothermal system. Bid for work to complete the interior updates will go out next week.
· Work on the elevator is progressing and should be complete by the end of the month.
· Speed studies on Grandview and Massie Avenues indicate they do not warrant speed humps. A speed study specifically for the 3800 and 3900 blocks of Grandview Avenue will be conducted.
· Don DeHaven and Jeff Dickens, both long time employees of the St. Matthews Public Works Department will retire on September 30th.
· KIPDA is offering to complete reporting requirements for 1% of proceeds of the American Rescue grant. Attorney Singler will compile information for the councilmembers to consider to make an informed decision.


Councilmember Bowling made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Councilmembers Olson and Nay.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried, and the meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Clark, City Clerk
Richard Tonini, Mayor

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021      
counter-signed by the City Clerk authorizing payment of the below listed invoices:
A Cheaper Locksmith   Police – Vehicle Key Made $235.00 
All-State Ford   Works – Vehicle Repair $436.00 
AT&T   Works – Telephone Service $1,432.17 
Baptist Health Occupational Medicine   Works – Testing $2,307.00 
Baumann Paper Company   Works – Doggie Bags $1,156.50 
Bobcat Enterprises, Inc.   Works – Repairs $16.58 
Charles Guelda & Sons Plumbing Inc.   Comm. Center – RPZ Valve $135.00 
Delta Dental of Kentucky, Inc.   All – Dental Insurance $4,901.42 
Dining with Gabor   Police – Annual Banquet $8,627.85 
Earth First   Works – Top Soil $816.00 
Galls   Police – Uniform Components $104.28 
Goodyear Auto Service   Police – Vehicle Repairs $1,903.05 
Guardian Insurance Company   All – Long/Short/Life Insurance $8,695.78 
HDR Engineering   Works – Engineering Fees $1,803.90 
IdentoGO   Police – Fingerprints for 2 new staff $36.00 
K & S Automotive   Works – Vehicle Repair $1,089.27 
KEMI   All – Workers Compensation Fee $20,126.48 
Kentucky Local Issues Conference Inc.   Admin. – Registration Fee for R. Tonini $100.00 
Kiesler’s Police Supply   Police – Supplies & Materials $11,605.20 
Kiesler’s Police Supply (Forfeiture Account)   Police – Ammo  $11,794.75 
LG&E   Works – Street Lights/Electric $33,626.47 
Louisville Water Company   Works – Water $258.44 
Lowe’s   Works – Supplies and Materials $188.83 
Marlin Business Bank   Admin. – Copy Machine Rental $136.00 
Miller Company   Admin/Police – Copy Machine Charge $490.96 
Mobile Forensic Solutions   Police – Investigative Tool $542.00 
Napa Auto Parts   Works – Supplies $813.64 
Office Depot   Admin. – Office Supplies $256.13 
Oxmoor Ford   Police – Repairs $702.16 
PNC Bank   All – Supplies and Materials $2,046.40 
Premier Fleet Graphics   Police – Graphics on Police Cars $1,340.72 
Quadient   Admin. – Postage Machine Charge $251.85 
RCS   Police – Radio’s/Service Plan $291.00 
ROCIC   Police – Annual Service Fee $300.00 
Rumpke   Works/Parks – Garbage & Portalets $95,350.34 
Security Systems   Works – Monitoring $38.00 
Singler & Ritsert   Admin. – City Attorney Fees $3,097.60 
Sparkle Brite Car Wash   Police – Vehicle Detailing $100.00 
Spectrum   Works – Monitoring $89.99 
St. Matthews Ace Hardware   Works – Supplies and Materials $366.47 
St. Matthews Exterminating   Comm. Center – Pest Control $88.00 
St. Matthews Fire Protection District   Police – SWAT Training Reimbursement $6,948.00 
Stephens & Lawson, PSC   Admin. – Audit Professional Fees $1,610.00 
Studio Kremer Architects   Comm. Center – Asbestos Inspection $1,600.00 
Tony’s Tree Service   Police – Towing $205.00 
TruGreen   Brown Park – Service $171.15 
Valvoline   Police – Vehicle Maintenance $429.48 
Voiance   Police – Interpretation Services $18.00 
Wilson Equipment   Works – Repairs $3,072.96 
Reimbursements and Payments    
Sanders, John   Police – Reimburse for Oil $20.12 
TOTAL   $231,771.94