Council Meeting Minutes
November 28, 2017
The regular meeting of the St. Matthews City Council was held on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Rick Tonini. The meeting was held at St. Matthews City Hall, 3940 Grandview Avenue. The following people were present:
Richard J. Tonini
Councilman Bernie Bowling
Councilman Frank Flynn
Councilman Tim Holland
Councilman Shaun McKiernan
Councilman Mary Jo Nay
Councilman Stuart Monohan
Councilman Tony Weiter
Councilman Pat Wissing
Susan Clark – City Clerk
Carrie Ritsert – St. Matthews Attorney
Jack Ruf – St. Matthews Planning and Zoning Officer
Kenan Stratman – St. Matthews Director of Public Works
Barry Wilkerson – St. Matthews Chief of Police
Frank Tonini – Resident                                             Kevin Young for Bluegrass Manor
Dwayne Fleck – Resident                                           Ann Richard for Bluegrass Manor
Mike Small – Resident                                                Glenn Price – Attorney
Pat Chapman – Resident                                           Holly and Kasey Wilkerson
Fred White – Resident                                                Helen Wilkerson
Gary Major – Resident                                                Hunter Powell
Nick Schade – Resident                                              Charlie Portman – STMPD
Jerry Schade – Resident                                             Chief Norman Mayer – Retired STMPD
Kelly Brothers – Manager of the Eline Library       David Beyer – STMPD Asst. Chief of Police

The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished following the roll call vote of attendance.
A motion was made by Councilman Nay to approve the minutes from the November 14, 2017 meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilman Monohan.
Upon Voice Vote: (8-0) the motion carried. 
Nick Schade, owner/partner in Tony’s Wrecker Service, expressed his appreciation of St. Matthews Police Officer Scott Ratliff. Officer Ratliff quickly apprehended a person who side- swiped a wrecker on the scene of another accident on I-64 and sped away. Officers Marasa and Wheatley quickly appeared on the scene to cover for Officer Ratliff who was tending to the driver of the hit-and-run accident. Fortunately, no one was hurt and Officer Ratliff quickly brought the situation under control. The professionalism of all 3 officers was impressive as all 3 worked together to provide the best possible response to the unfortunate situation.
                                                     BARRY WILKERSON
MO 17-36 formalizes the appointment of Barry Wilkerson as Chief of Police of the St. Matthews Police Department. Officer Wilkerson is retired from the Louisville Metro Police Department.  Chief Wilkerson thanked retired Chief Norm Mayer for developing a professional department. He also thanked Asst. Chief David Beyer for ably leading the department during the interim in order to sustain responsiveness to the citizens of this community. 
Councilman Monohan made a motion to accept MO 17-36. The motion was seconded by Councilman Holland and Weiter. Upon Vote: (8-0) the motion carried. 
                                                     4906 and 4908 SHELBYVILLE ROAD
Attorney Carrie Ritsert explained MO 17-37 addresses minor changes in order to become compliant with plans for the property. St. Matthews Planning and Zoning Administrator Jack Ruf mentioned that prior approval had been given for 2 out buildings, but now only 1 building is requested with this plan. Parking has been redesigned to meet the current request. Councilman Monohan inquired about any potential issues with landscaping. Mr. Ruf responded that landscaping for the “out lot” is not included in these plans. Nearby bushes are actually on Mall property and discussions are taking place about improving visibility for drivers. Evergreens at the rear of the property were in poor condition and new plantings were added for screening between the shopping center and the new hotel. All landscaping issues from the prior approvals have been incorporated into the Binding Elements for this request. Councilman Monohan made a motion to accept MO 17-37. The motion was seconded by Councilman Nay. 
Upon Roll Call Vote: (8-0) the motion carried.
                                       RDDDP 710 BRECKENRIDGE LANE – 1st Reading
Councilman Pat Wissing stated for purposes of full disclosure that he owns the property at 704 and 710 Breckenridge Lane and stands to benefit financially should this application be approved. A full disclosure statement has been officially filed with the City. He also stated he will not participate in the vote on this property and requests that no vote be recorded. Councilman Nay inquired if the entrance to the property is going to be from Plymouth Road or Breckenridge Lane. It was learned the entrance to the parking lot will only be from Breckenridge Lane.  Glenn Price, attorney for Pat Wissing, thanked Jack Ruf for finding a mistake in the exhibit. A correction has been a made and drawings are accurate at this time.  Councilman Weiter inquired about the curb cuts. Mr. Ruf responded the only curb cuts will be on Breckenridge Lane and none on Plymouth Road. Councilman Holland made a motion to accept this as first reading of Ordinance 17-13. The motion was seconded by Councilman Bowling.
Upon Voice Vote: (7-0) the motion carried. Councilman Wissing abstained from voting.
Councilman Bowling made a motion to approve the expenditures listed and have checks drawn on the city’s treasury in the total amount of $116,503.61. The motion was seconded by Councilman Monohan.
Upon Roll Call Vote: (8-0) the motion carried. Yes Votes: Councilmen Flynn, Wissing, Nay, Bowling, Monohan, Weiter, Holland and McKiernan. No Votes: None. 

  • Councilman Holland relayed the rental committee has created a lease agreement, pet application form, and a checklist for move-in’s and move-out’s. These upcoming changes will be discussed with current residents shortly.
  • Councilman Monohan stated no money has been expended to date on the parks this fiscal year in deference to the Library expansion.
  • Councilman Bowling said Chief Wilkerson is focused and ready to lead the department to another level. All are looking forward to good things happening with Chief Wilkerson at the helm.

Attorney Ritsert relayed there was nothing else specific to report.    
Mayor Tonini asked the council members to give St. Matthews Public Works Director Kenan Stratman direction on an issue in question. Mr. Stratman relayed a decision is needed if the city is interested in photo documenting the construction/remodeling project and/or filming. Filming the process could potentially be placed on the city’s website. The expense is built into the budget; however, that money can be utilized for other items that may come up during the process.  Councilman Wissing was joined by Councilman Weiter in indicating the money is best spent on other items that are more important and that may arise during the process.  The process is most helpful if every step is captured and that can be considered impractical.  Councilman Bowling made a motion to include this process in the building/remodeling budget. The motion was seconded by Councilman Flynn. 
Upon Roll Call Vote:  (2-6) the motion was defeated. Yes Votes: Councilmen Bowling and Flynn.  No Votes: Councilmen McKiernan, Holland, Weiter, Monohan, Nay and Wissing.
Mr. Stratman went on to give a brief update on the leaf collection. Because it is impossible to determine what nature is going to do 6 weeks ahead of time when the signs are ordered, the original week of leaf pick-up was scheduled for the week of October 31. Not a tremendous amount of leaves where down that first week. More leaves dropped in early November and the Public Works Department has been playing catch-up ever since. Multiple trips will be made in the coming weeks to optimize convenience for the residents of the community. Mayor Tonini recognized the tremendous amount of effort the Public Works crew expended to accomplish this huge task.
Councilman Nay made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilman Weiter.

Upon Voice Vote: (8-0) the motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m. 
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Clark – City Clerk
Richard Tonini – Mayor

NOVEMBER 28, 2017      
counter-signed by the City Clerk authorizing payment of the below listed invoices:
Anthem Insurance   All – Health Insurance    $79,481.17
AT&T    City Hall – Telephone Service $740.16
Benovation   All – Health Insurance Addendum $1,092.75
Christmas Done Bright   Parks – Light Up St. Matthews $2,960.00
Fesco   Works – Fire Extinguisher Maintenance $156.00
Galls   Police – Supplies and Materials $1,547.12
Guardian Insurance   All – Short/Long Term Insurance $7,243.28
HDS Whitecap Supply   Works – Foam, Belts, Reflective Vests $159.84
Kentucky Division of Boilers/Pressure Valves   City Hall – Annual Inspection $50.00
Louisville Water Company   Works – Water for City $2,917.18
Meade Equipment   Works – A/C Condenser/O-Rings $953.05
Miller Company   Police – Copy Machine Expense $39.38
MPC Promotions   Police – Supplies and Materials $2,307.00
Naimen’s Catering   Admin. – Reception Balance $5,696.75
Natural Products   Works – Rock & Dirt $25.00
NeoPost USA, Inc.   Admin. – Postage Machine Scale $394.03
Schardein Mechanical   City Hall – Cooling Tower Problem $227.60
Sherman Williams   Works – Paint $187.49
Simplex Grinnell   City Hall – Maintenance Fee $2,057.92
Staples   Admin. – Office Supplies $253.09
St. Matthews Exterminating   Comm. Center – Pest Control $85.00
Stationers, Inc.   Police – Official Forms Printed $157.87
Sterling Thompson Company   Admin. – Notary Insurance/Clark $50.90
The Courier Journal   Admin. – Legal Advertising $1,781.78
Total Office Products   Police – Office Supplies $498.28
Valvoline   Police/Works – Vehicle Maintenance $604.10
Verizon Wireless   Police – MDT Connectivity $1,520.38
Wex/Thornton’s   All – Fuel for Vehicles $2,572.34
Reimbursements and Payments      
Jetter, George   Police – IT Supplies $105.99
Tonini, Frank   Works – Reimbursement for Expenses $638.16
TOTAL     $116,503.61