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Louisville Water Company provides a safe supply of water to people in Louisville Metro and parts of Oldham and Bullitt Counties. Our mission is to serve the water needs of our customers through outstanding quality, service and value at a market return to our shareholders.

MSD- Metropolitan Sewer District

The City of St. Matthews has elected to provide in-house storm sewer or surface water drainage to all areas within the city, therefore, it does not participate in the surface water drainage program with the  Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District.  However, the Metropolitan Sewer District does provide and is responsible for all sanitary sewers within the entire Louisville Metro area, including the City of St. Matthews.  If you have questions regarding, sewers or are experiencing a problem with, a sanitary sewer contact the Metropolitan Sewer District customer service at 502-587-0603 or visit their website at www.msdlouky.org.