St Matthews TreesJohnny Appleseed would have been proud to reside in St. Matthews where red sunset maples, ash, black locust, zelkova, linden, ornamental pear, and other species have been planted since the city’s tree planting program began in 1995.

The City of St. Matthews plants new trees in the right-of-way areas throughout the city each year during the month of January . To request a tree to be planted in front of your property, in the right-of-way area, contact city hall at 895-9444 or use the Request A Tree form shown on this page. Public Works will offer choices of approved trees or you can plant your own tree at your expense with the approval of the city arborist. Once the tree is planted it becomes the abutting property owners responsibility.

Are you thinking of planting a tree to increase your home’s value, reduce utility bills, or provide shade or shelter from the weather?

If so, it is important to select the right tree for the right location. Pay attention to the shape of the tree. Column shaped trees, such as cypress and spruce, grow in less space, while round and V – shaped trees, such as ginkgo, apricot, crepe myrtle and silver ash, provide the most shade. Avoid fruit trees that will grow over public sidewalks or any tree that will obstruct the view of vehicular traffic. Always avoid planting near underground and over head utilities. Remember, shade trees placed on the south and west of your home will provide shade in the summer, while allowing the sun to shine in during the winter.

Know What’s Below. Call Before You Dig

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