Council Meeting Minutes
November 27, 2018

The regular meeting of the St. Matthews City Council was held on Tuesday, November 27, 2018.  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Richard Tonini.  The meeting was held at St. Matthews Community Center, 310 Ten Pin Lane.  The following people were present:

Richard J. Tonini

Councilman Bernie Bowling
Councilman Frank Flynn – absent
Councilman Tim Holland   
Councilman Shaun McKiernan
Councilman Mary Jo Nay
Councilman Stuart Monohan
Councilman Tony Weiter
Councilman Pat Wissing  (arrived at 7:10 p.m.)

Susan Clark – City Clerk
Carrie Ritsert – St. Matthews Attorney
Major Eddie Jones – St. Matthews Police Department
Jack Ruf – St. Matthews Planning and Zoning Officer

Gary Major – Resident
Amy Olson – Resident and Councilman Elect
Cathi Clark – Resident and Councilman Elect
Carolyn Clark – Resident
Kelly Brothers – St. Matthews/Eline Library Manager
Members of Boy Scout Troop #115
Mike Small
Nancy Stearman, CPA – St. Matthews Consultant

The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished followed by the roll call vote of attendance.

A motion was made by Councilman Nay to approve the minutes from the November 13, 2018 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Weiter.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried.  Councilman Wissing was not present for the vote.


Boy Scout Troop #115 from Beargrass Christian Church attended in order to earn their Citizenship merit badge. 



Mayor Tonini relayed HDR Engineering is preparing options for approval regarding drainage problems in this neighborhood.  The list is to be made available for review in December of 2018.    


ORDINANCE 18-10                    CHAPTER 110 REVISIONS                                  CARRIE RITSERT, ATTORNEY

                            BUSINESS LICENSES AND OCCUPATIONAL TAX        2nd Reading

Ms. Ritsert began the discussion by reading a summary of Ordinance 18-10.  Months of research have been completed to make this a comprehensive document compliant with current state and local laws and regulations. 

Councilman Nay made a motion to accept this as 2nd reading and recommended for passage Ordinance 18-10.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Monohan. 

Upon Voice Vote:  (6-0) the motion carried.  Councilman Wissing was not present for the vote.


Attorney Ritsert summarized MO 18-26 updating zoning from general and apartment use to general and medical use.  Councilman Nay inquired of Mr. Ruf if there would be any additional changes related to this property.  Mr. Ruf said no changes were included in the footprint of the property and all requirements for requesting the change have been met.  Councilman Monohan made a motion to accept MO 18-26.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Holland.

Upon Voice Vote:  (6-0) the motion carried.  Councilman Wissing was absent and did not participate in the vote.

QUARTERLY FINANCIAL REVIEW                                                                         NANCY STEARMAN, CPA

CPA and St. Matthews Financial Consultant Nancy Stearman reviewed financials for the 1st quarter of the 2018-2019 fiscal year.  This includes the months of July, August, and September.   Total income for the quarter is at 13% for the total year.  Property tax income will appear in the next quarter review as collection began in October 2018. Revenue is on track with projected income as are the departments with projected expenditures.  Councilman Monohan asked about the cost of change orders for the Library construction project.  Kenan Stratman was not present to give a response to his question.   


Councilman Bowling made a motion to approve the expenditures listed and have checks drawn on the city’s treasury in the total of $743,642.74.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Nay. 

Upon Roll Call Vote: (7-0) the motion carried.  Yes Votes:  Councilmen McKiernan, Holland, Weiter, Monohan, Bowling, Nay, and Wissing.  No Votes:  None


  • Councilman Weiter reminded those present Light-Up St. Matthews at Brown Park will be  Saturday, December 1, 2018 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The countdown to lighting the Christmas tree will begin at 6:00 p.m.
  • Councilman Monahan said the Parks Committee will meet Thursday at 11:00 a.m. to discuss the cost of the previously discussed Brown Park upgrades. 


Ms. Ritsert asked anyone to contact her for other scenario’s that need to be considered for business licenses applications


Mayor Tonini mentioned one request has been accepted for placement of a street light at the corner of Abbeywood Road and Westport Road and Girard Drive and Westport Road.  A decision regarding action has not been made at this time.


Councilman Weiter made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Nay.  Upon Voice Vote: (7-0) the motion carried, and the meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Clark, City Clerk
Richard Tonini, Mayor


NOVEMBER 27, 2018    
BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE MAYOR DRAW WARRANTS on the City Treasury, counter-signed by the City Clerk authorizing payment of the below listed invoices:  
A Plus Paper Shredding Admin./Police – Paper Destruction $288.00
Albert Oil Works – Diesel Fuel $441.62
AT&T City Hall/Comm. Center – Phones $1,146.85
Atco Works – Supplies $282.00
Baptist Health Occupational Medicine All – Flu Shots $774.00
BMS, LLC All – Health Insurance Admin. $327.75
Core & Main Stadium – Stone and Turf Expenses $2,810.37
Delta Dental All – Dental Insurance $4,898.81
Flynn Construction Services, LLC Stadium – Construction Expenses $176,129.84
Galls Police – Uniforms $1,025.44
HDR Engineering Works – Trinity Hills Drainage Issue $3,543.75
HDS White Cap Construction Supply Works – Supplies and Materials $132.34
IIMC Admin. – Annual Dues Susan Clark $195.00
JR Hoe and Sons, Inc. Works – Grate and Frame $248.00
Lexus Nexus Police – Investigative Tool $116.50
LG&E Works – Gas & Electric $1,182.32
Louisville Water Company Works – Water and Fire Hydrant $3,041.66
Mobile Forensic Solutions Police – Service Work $290.00
Municipal Revenue Solutions Admin. – Consulting Fee $5,590.00
Natural Products Works – Fill Dirt $275.00
NeoPost USA, Inc. Admin. – Postage Scale Expense $453.13
Nixon Power Service City Hall – Generator Maintenance $318.00
Nugent Sand Company Works – Sand $654.64
Old Dominion Brush Company Works – Supplies $1,374.01
One Beacon Insurance Police – Insurance Claim $5,000.00
Paul Miller Ford Admin. – Vehicle $18,344.00
RCS Communications Police – Graphics Materials $1,359.86
Rogers Group Stadium – Stone $27,456.04
Sirchie Finger Print Labs Police – Evidence Envelopes $193.54
Sparkle Brite Police – Vehicle Wash $208.00
Spectrum Business Admin. – Service $153.95
Staples Admin. – Office Supplies $37.55
St. Matthews Exterminating Comm. Center – Pest Control $85.00
Tactical Armor Group Police – Supplies $155.00
The Courier-Journal Admin. – Legal Notices $1,311.49
Total Office Products Police – Office Supplies $110.84
Treadmill Medic (Forfeiture and General Fund) Police – Gym Equipment $18,940.00
Treez Works – Tree Trimming $2,600.00
TruGreen Brown Park – Lawn Maintenance $163.00
United Healthcare All – Health Insurance $61,171.35
Verizon Police – Service for MDT’s $1,560.47
Victoria’s Catering Admin. – Final Invoice $5,783.51
Wex Bank All – Fuel for Vehicles $14,635.97
Willis Klein Police – Key for MRAP $49.71
Library/City Hall    
Sullivan & Cozart Works – Library/City Hall Project $229,685.92
Dri-Design Wall Panel Systems Works – Library/City Hall Project $76,882.00
Foundation Building Materials Works – Library/City Hall Project $3,141.84
Plumbers Supply Company Works – Library/City Hall Project $6,804.71
Precision Wall Systems Works – Library/City Hall Project $7,120.77
Valcom Enterprises Works – Library/City Hall Project $52,271.00
Willis Klein Works – Library/City Hall Project $2,102.72
Reimbursements and Payments    
Hight, Karen Police – Reimbursement for Batteries $16.98
Kaufman, Wayne Police – Canine Reimbursement $92.09
Napier, Eddie Police – CID Clothing Allowance $27.00
Portman, Charlie Police – Meeting Expense $37.00
Prather, Wilson Police – Tires Reimbursement $568.00
Richardson, Lisa Police – Notary Seal Reimbursement $34.40
TOTAL   $743,642.74