Metro regulation mandates recyclable yard waste

Beginning Jan. 1, 2015, all residents in Metro Louisville, which includes the City of St. Matthews, are required to place yard waste for pick up in a designated container for yard waste, a paper yard waste bag, or compostable plastic bags that meet ASTM D6400 standards. Because compostable plastic bags take 50 years to degrade, it is recommended that residents mulch and compost yard clippings and weeds and/or use designated containers to dispose of yard waste, while continuing to take advantage of the City of St. Matthews curbside leaf pick up program. Leaves and grass clippings will be picked up on regularly scheduled days if placed at the street in 30 gallon yard waste paper or compostable bags or containers marked ‘yard waste only’. (no alley pickup) *Note Yard waste must not contain any trash or garbage and if mixed cannot be collected.

Starting Jan. 1, yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected and residents could be subject to fines and cleanup fees for not complying with the new regulation. The City of St. Matthews offers free stickers to designate containers for yard waste. Visit city hall during normal business hours to pick up your sticker(s).  For more information regarding Metro Louisville’s yard waste campaign, visit its website at

Limbs or brush tied in a bundle, not longer than 4 feet nor weighing more than 50 pounds, will be picked up throughout the year if placed at the street on regular pickup day (no alley pickup). Limbs with a diameter of more than 6 inches are not considered yard waste and should be placed at the street or alley where garbage is usually picked up.

Christmas trees will be picked up on regularly scheduled days if placed at the street. It is not necessary to cut into 4 feet lengths or bundle.