Council Meeting Minutes
May 14, 2019

The regular meeting of the St. Matthews City Council was held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Richard Tonini. The meeting was held at St. Matthews City Hall, 3940 Grandview Avenue. The following people were present:

Richard J. Tonini

Councilmember Bernie Bowling                                   Councilmember Stuart Monohan – absent
Councilmember Cathi Clark                                         Councilmember Mary Jo Nay
Councilmember Frank Flynn                                        Councilmember Amy Olson
Councilmember Tim Holland – absent                          Councilmember Tony Weiter

John Singler – St. Matthews Attorney
Jack Ruf – St. Matthews Planning and Zoning Officer

Gary Major – Resident
Fred White – Resident
Janet & Tom Raderer – Resident
Josh Suiter – Chamber of St. Matthews
Members of Scout Pack # 40
Kim Peach – Resident
Scott Schmitt – Resident
Ronald Brackett – Resident
John Nash – Resident


The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished followed by the roll call vote of attendance.


A motion was made by Councilmember Nay approve to the minutes from the April 23, 2019 meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Clark.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried.


Mr. Kim Peach and Mr. Scott Schmitt, residents of separate properties on Kentucky Avenue, are concerned about speeding on their street. A petition was turned in requesting speed humps. Mayor Tonini explained the established procedure will be followed. Councilmember Nay requested that the city place the smart trailer, which posts vehicle speeds, be placed on the street to make drivers aware of their speed.

Mr. Ronald Brackett of Kentucky Avenue expressed frustration regarding a drainage ditch that runs along his property. The ditch is now too sharp of a slant for him to mow as he did previously before the ditch was deepened. He also expressed concern that his property is now the lowest point of the area so water pools during rain storms. Mayor Tonini said he was aware of this situation. Because the ditch runs along the city boundaries of St. Matthews and Lyndon, both cities will need to work together to remedy the situation. He relayed Kenan Stratman will continue working on this concern.

Resident John Nash of Browns Lane expressed deep appreciation for the newly opened library funded by the City of St. Matthews. As a voracious reader, he very much embraces a George R. R. Martin quote, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” Access to thousands of books provides education for the community and will be here to serve for generations to come. He went on to express the city service has been excellent in his 11 years in St. Matthews.

Josh Suiter from the Chamber of St. Matthews said their office has moved back to City Hall. The Business Expo will be held at The Olmstead on from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on July 11, 2019. The annual Street Festival will be August 3, 2019. Approximately 15,000 people attended the 2018 event.

Mayor Tonini welcome scouts from Cub Scout #40 from St. Paul United Methodist Church. He spoke about the importance of the environment and the responsibility we must protect the earth. The scouts will be planning a park clean-up in the future at Brown Park.



Mayor Tonini said there was nothing new to report until which time money can be approved in the 2019-2020 budget.

                                                 NUISANCE ORDINANCE

Mayor Tonini relayed Ordinance 19-06 was tabled and no discussion or action would be taken at the May 14, 2019 council meeting.



Attorney Singler started the discussion by summarizing Municipal Order 19-12. To provide for the safety of the consumer as well as the business personnel, the roadways listed in MO 19-12 will not allow food trucks. Additionally, food trucks cannot be in residential areas. Councilmember Weiter made a motion to amend MO 19-12 adding the portion of N. Hubbards Lane in the City of St. Matthews. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Flynn.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried, and the proposed Municipal Order 19-12 was amended.

Councilmember Bowling then made a motion to approve MO 19-12 as amended. The motion was seconded by Councilmembers Nay, Weiter, and Olson.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried.


Councilmember Bowling made a motion to approve the expenditures listed and have checks drawn on the city’s treasury in the total of $280,558.37. The motion was seconded by Councilmembers Olson and Nay.

Upon Roll Call Vote: (6-0) the motion carried. Yes Votes: Councilmembers Clark, Weiter, Bowling, Nay, Flynn, and Olson. No Votes: None

· Councilmember Bowling relayed he is working on the 2019-2020 budget.
· Councilmember Nay said approved ordinances in the current calendar year can be found on the city’s website.
· Councilmember Flynn mentioned the property and casualty insurance renews July 1st of each year. He will call for an insurance committee meeting to review proposals. No date has been set for the meeting.


Mr. Singler had no additional report but was available for questions.


Mayor Tonini said it appeared a lot of people were happy to experience the library opening held Thursday, May 9, 2019. Shakespeare in the Park was held Saturday, May 11 and 61 people attended. Susan Clark was given tentative permission to schedule a date for the 2020 season. Mayor Tonini went on to say meeting rooms that will be available to the public at City Hall will need identifiers. Please think about names that are appropriate.


Councilmember Bowling made a motion to suspend the regular meeting and convene into Executive Session to discuss litigation. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Flynn.

Upon Voice Vote (6-0) the motion passed, and the regular meeting was suspended at 7:40 p.m.

It was noted no action was taken during the Executive Session.


At 7:58 p.m. Councilmember Nay made a motion to adjourn from Executive Session and reconvene into regular session. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Flynn.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion passed, and Executive Session concluded, and the regular session reconvened at 7: 58 p.m.


Councilmember Weiter made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Clark.

Upon Voice Vote: (6-0) the motion carried, and the meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Clark, City Clerk
Richard Tonini, Mayor

MAY 14, 2019  
counter-signed by the City Clerk authorizing payment of the below listed invoices:  
AT&T   City Hall/Comm. Center – Phones $1,990.74
Awards Center   Police – Banquet Plaque $40.00
Baptist Health Occupational Medicine   Works/Police – Routine Testing $2,203.64
Bauman Paper   Parks – Doggie Bags $1,031.00
Bill Collins Ford   Police – Supplies $464.34
Bob Hook Chevrolet   Police – Vehicle Repair $137.14
Central Business Systems   Admin. – Mail Machine Charge $170.50
Charles Guelda & Sons Plumbing, inc.   Works – Rental Home Drain $555.00
Clark & Riggs   Admin. – Newsletter Printing $2,119.00
Coca Cola   City Hall – Supplies for Machine $82.50
Cross Jeep   Police – Vehicle Repair $4,002.69
Delta Dental of Kentucky   All – Dental Insurance $4,928.13
Earth First   Works – Mulch $3,030.00
Entemann- Rovin Co.   Police – Badges $294.25
General Rubber & Plastics   Works – Supplies $88.50
Goodyear   Police – Vehice Repairs $2,357.93
Guardian Insurance Company   All – Long/Short/Life Ins. $8,000.25
Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services   Works – Vehicle Ins. For Truck $126.35
Leonard Brush & Chemical   Works – Supplies $170.12
Lewis Seed Company   Works – Fescue $177.24
Louisville Gas & Electric   Works – Electric for City $28,514.99
Louisville Water Company   Works – Water/Brown Park Install $6,745.47
Lowe’s   Works – Supplies and Materials $779.13
Marlin Business Bank   Admin. – Copy Machine Charge $136.00
Miller Company   Admin./Police – Copy Machine Charge $198.18
Mobile Forensic Solutions   Police – Phone Examinations $276.00
Moreno Express   Admin – Newsletter Production $2,015.00
Office Depot   Admin. – Office Supplies $159.59
Old Dominion Brush Company   Works – Supplies $2,035.00
PNC Bank   All – Supplies and Materials $2,004.02
RCS Communications   Police – Outfit Police Vehicle $1,578.25
Riverfarm Nursery   Works – Trees $9,306.00
Rumpke   Parks – Port-a-lets $94,243.02
Security Systems   Works – Monitoring and Repair $139.00
Site One Landscape Supply   Works – Liquid Herbicide $108.59
Southern Tire Service, Inc.   Works – Tires $189.34
Sparkle Brite   Police – Vehicle Wash $200.00
Spectrum   Works/Police – Monitoring $337.50
Staples   Admin. – Office Supplies $110.84
The Courier-Journal   Admin. – Legal Ads $536.05
Tony’s Wrecker Service   Police – Towing $260.00
Total Office Products   Police – Office Supplies $262.12
Trans Union   Police – Investigative Tool $193.15
United Healthcare   All – Health Insurance $80,822.37
Valvoline   All – Vehicle Maintence $370.32
Verizon   All – Cell Phones and MDT’s $2,652.55
Welders Supply   Works – Compressed Air $32.40
Wex Bank   All – Fuel for Vehicles $14,195.37
Willis Klein   Works/Police – Supplies $156.00
Library City Hall      
Sullivan Cozart, Inc.   Works – Library/City Hall Project  
Dri-Design Wall Systems   Works – Library/City Hall Project  
KV Flooring   Works – Library/City Hall Project  
Louisville Lumber   Works – Library/City Hall Project  
Valcom   Works – Library/City Hall Project  
Reimbursements and Payments      
Hackel, John   Police – Reimbursement $32.80
TOTAL     $280,558.37