Council Meeting Minutes
July 24, 2018
The regular meeting of the St. Matthews City Council was held on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. The
meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Mayor Rick Tonini. The meeting was held at St.
Matthews City Hall, 3940 Grandview Avenue. The following people were present:
Richard J. Tonini
Councilman Bernie Bowling
Councilman Frank Flynn
Councilman Tim Holland
Councilman Shaun McKiernan
Councilman Mary Jo Nay
Councilman Stuart Monohan
Councilman Tony Weiter
Councilman Pat Wissing
Susan Clark City Clerk
Carrie RitsertSt. Matthews Attorney
Jack Ruf St. Matthews Planning and Zoning Officer
Chief Barry WilkersonChief, St. Matthews Police Department
Gary Major Resident
Alex Kerns Baptist Health
Taylor and Joe Jackson Residents
Kelly Brothers STM Library Manager
M/M Don McCauley Residents
Larry Gray Baptist Health
Fred White Resident
Bill Bardenwerper Attorney for Baptist
Frank Tonini Resident
John Henny Grisham Smith
Kent Hall Candidate for 7th Metro Council
Various Unidentified People
The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished followed by the roll call vote of attendance.
A motion was made by Councilman Nay to approve the minutes from the July 10, 2018
meeting.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Weiter.
Upon Voice Vote:  (8-0) the motion carried. 
A motion was made by Councilman Nay to accept the minutes from the July 17, 2018 caucus
meeting.  The motion was seconded by Councilman Holland.  Abstaining from voting due to
absence from the meeting were Councilmen Bowling and Weiter. 
Upon Voice Vote:  (6-0) the motion carried.
Gary Major of S. Church Way asked the council members to consider a splash park in the City of
St. Matthews.  Councilman Monohan responded it has been on the Parks Committee wish list
for a few years now and will likely be worked into a future year budget.  Mr. Major also thanked
the St. Matthews Public Works Department for the efforts to quickly pickup debris after the
recent storm.  Additionally, Mr. Major announced the passing of former St. Matthews Police
Officer Charles “Chuck” Zimmerlee.
Mrs. Teresa Cassidy of Browns Lane verbalized her appreciation of the new Independence Bank
building.  It is a beautiful building and a welcome sight.  She also thanked the St. Matthews
Public Works Department for maintaining the Holzheimer Park area. It is always so well kept
and it is refreshing to see an area free of unnecessary debris.
Mayor Tonini began the discussion saying Kenan Stratman, St. Matthews Director of Public
Works, had reached out to HDR Engineering to initiate additional discussions on improvements
for storm water runoff during heavy rain events. There is no easy or obvious solution to the
problems caused by the development of a residential area in a low lying area decades ago.
Possible solutions for relief to some could cause extensive problems for others. A committee
will be formed with members of the council as well as 2 neighborhood representatives. Don
McCauley, resident of Trinity Hills Subdivision asked that a committee meeting be held in
August of 2018 to start discussions. Mayor Tonini relayed the meetings will commence when
there are solutions to consider and that may or may not be in August. Mr. McCauley also asked
the city council to enforce Ordinance #94 which requires property owner to keep the easement
clear of brush and anything that inhibits the flow of water. Taylor Jackson, resident of Trinity
Hills Subdivision, relayed her and her husband are looking at completing possible drainage
options for their property. Mayor Tonini interjected it is necessary to talk and receive
permission from Kenan Stratman before making any changes to the easement as what may
benefit one resident could be detrimental to someone else.
Mayor Tonini asked the council members for any questions regarding the personnel policy
manual updates. There being no further questions, Councilman Nay made a motion to accept
MO 1814 incorporating the correction of a typo found by Chief Wilkerson. The motion was
seconded by Councilman Monohan.
Upon Voice Vote: (80) the motion carried.
Carrie Ritsert indicated this is the 3rd sign package received from Baptist Health regarding signs.
Councilman Flynn inquired if all items previously discussed are on this MO. The response was
affirmative. Councilman Holland made a motion to accept MO 1816. The motion was
seconded by Councilman Flynn.
Upon Voice Vote: (80) the motion carried.
MUNICIPAL ORDER 1817 RDDDP, 4156, 4158, 4170, 4315 N. CHURCH WAY                 CARRIE RITSERT, ATTORNEY
Mayor Tonini mentioned the RDDDP before the council today affects the back portion of the
property of Tafel Motors. There was a considerable difference of opinion on whether the
entire property has previously been deemed plan certain. For plan certain properties, all future
requests for changes to the property must be approved by the governing authority. In this case
it is the members of the St. Matthews City Council. It is the opinion of St. Matthews Planning
and Zoning Administrator Jack Ruf that the entire property is under the plan certain umbrella.
Bill Bardenwerper, attorney for David Peterson, owner of Tafel Properties, feels differently. He
believes only a portion of the property is under the plan certain restriction. It is important to
determine status at this time in order for the governing authority to completely understand the
scope of the request. Any item voted on now could potentially impact future development
prospects. Councilman Nay made a motion to table MO 1817 in order to determine the status
of the plan certain property. The motion was seconded by Councilman Weiter.
Upon Voice Vote: (80) the motion carried.
Attorney Ritsert relayed the municipal order before the council at this time piggy backs on a
Uniform Franchise Agreement (UFA) that this company has with Louisville Metro. Councilman
Bowling inquired if there were restrictions to placing cable boxes at the end of the street. The
UFA was unclear on this issue. This being the case, Councilman Bowling made a motion to table
MO 1818 until which time this question could be clarified. The motion was seconded by
Councilman Nay.
Upon Voice Vote: (80) the motion carried.
Councilman Bowling made a motion to approve the expenditures listed and have checks drawn
on the city’s treasury in the total of $ 1,157,592.40. The motion was seconded by Councilman
Nay. The expenditures include $ 827, 292.17 in payments related to the Library and City Hall
Construction project, $ 152,699.62 for the annual payment of property and liability insurance,
and $ 177,600.69 in general expenses.
Upon Roll Call Vote: (8-0) the motion carried. Yes Votes: Councilmen McKiernan, Holland,
Weiter, Monohan, Bowling, Nay, Wissing, and Flynn. No Votes: None
Councilman Holland mentioned both rental houses should be completed this week. A
walk thru will be completed next week for final determination of rents etc.
Councilman Weiter reminded those present of the annual street festival to be held on
Saturday, August 4th.
Councilman Monohan said he would like to have further discussions regarding the
parameters of the professional and business licenses
Councilman Bowling said one additional police officer has been hired and will be in
August. There remains one opening that will be filled soon.
Councilman Nay believes newsletters will be in homes in early August.
Councilman Wissing said the lease/usage agreement between the City of St. Matthews,
the St. Matthews Little League and Trinity High School is waiting for approval from the
Board members of the Trinity High School Foundation.
Councilman Flynn mentioned that Humana will likely place a bid for the upcoming
health insurance coverage. A meeting will be held in early August to discuss this further.
Ms. Ritsert has been working on the lease agreement with Trinity High School and continues to
work on a street connection encroachment ordinance.
At the Mayor’s request, Kelly Brothers, Manager of the St. Matthews/Eline Branch of the
Library said business will temporarily cease at close of business on August 25th. No book drop
will be available at this location during this time.
Jack Ruf relayed that the state ABC Office cited 4 local businesses for alcohol violations. All
were resolved with admission of guilt and a fine was imposed.
Police Chief Barry Wilkerson reminded the councilmembers of the National Night Out event
that will be held at the Community Center Park on August 7th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. A hot
air balloon will be available as well as other items of interested. There will be bike giveaways
and Steepleton’s is donating a grill and grilled foods will be available that evening.
Mayor Tonini said that LG&E will start painting light poles next week in the Camelot
neighborhood in order to spruce them up a bit. He then mentioned the air conditioning at the
Community Center went out Saturday night and will likely need to be replaced soon.
Councilman Flynn made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion was seconded by
Councilman Holland.
Upon Voice Vote: (8-0) the motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Clark, City Clerk
Richard J. Tonini, Mayor
JULY 24, 2018      
counter-signed by the City Clerk authorizing payment of the below listed invoices:  
A+ Paper Shredding   Police – Document Destruction $69.00
Aamco   Works – Replace Tie-Rod Part $218.16
Anthem Insurance Company   All – Health Insurance $82,096.03
AT&T   Comm. Center – Phone Lines $1,009.05
Baptist Health Occupational Medicine   Police – Testing $301.00
Chapman Heating and Cooling   Comm. Center – Concession Stand $348.99
Chenoweth Applicances   Rental Homes – Appliances $1,645.00
Comfort Systems, USA   Police – Venting for Lock Box $350.00
Covert Track Group   Police – Investigative Tool $600.00
Dorma USA   City Hall – Repair Library Doors $873.40
KY League of Insurance Services   Admin. – Annual Insurance Invoice $152,699.61
Lawrence and Associates (MAPS)   Works – Sidewalks Elmwood Area $61,871.25
Lexus Nexus   Police – Investigative Tool $113.00
Louisville Roofing   Works – Rental Home Gutters $1,655.00
Louisville Water   Works – Water $2,312.15
Miller Company   Admin./Police – Copy Machine Charge $101.11
Natural Products   Works – Fill Dirt $175.00
Prgressive Microtechnology   Police – Supplies $398.55
RCS Communications   Police – Radios and Radio Repairs $598.54
Reach Alert   Admin. – Communications Tool $4,500.00
Rebco Inc.   Police – Supplies $158.00
RSL Enterprises   Police – Financial Anlysis $210.00
Sirchie Finger Print Lab   Police – Latex Gloves $654.50
Southern Tire   Works – Tires $539.36
Sparkle Brite III   All – Vehicle Wash $208.00
St. Matthews Exterminating   Comm. Center – Pest Control $85.00
Staples Office Products   Admin. – Office Supplies $834.99
Sterling Thompson & Company   Admin/Police – Bonding $4,733.70
The Courier Journal    Admin. – Legal Notice $679.38
Thoroughbred Engineering   Works – Inspections for Construction $1,272.50
Total Office Products   Police – Office Supplies $271.74
TriTech Software Systems   Police – Crimemapping Renewal Fee $630.00
Trugreen   Brown Park – Service $163.00
Valvoline   All – Vehicle Maintenance $556.27
Library/City Hall      
Sullivan & Cozart   Works – Library/City Hall Project $558,284.48
Willis Klein   Works – Library/City Hall Project $23,522.76
Valcom Enterprises   Works – Library/City Hall Project $50,239.37
Thermal Equipment Sales, Inc.   Works – Library/City Hall Project $42,000.00
The Window & Door Center   Works – Library/City Hall Project $23,400.00
Precision Wall Systems   Works – Library/City Hall Project $37,608.50
Plumbers Supply Company   Works – Library/City Hall Project $702.71
Graybar   Works – Library/City Hall Project $49,703.26
Foundation Building Materials   Works – Library/City Hall Project $41,831.09
Reimbursements and Payments      
Calhoun, Tim   Works – Floors 179&169 St. Matthews  $5,872.14
Jost, Beth   Admin. – Newletter $700.00
Tonini, Frank   Works – Reimbursement $796.81
TOTAL     ——————–