Historical Society (Beargrass)

StMatthewsHistory2The Beargrass – St. Matthews Historical Society was formed in 1986 to encourage interest in the history of the area of Jefferson County encompassed by the eastern reaches of Beargrass Creek, with special emphasis on St. Matthews.

The society maintains a local history reference library and displays of historic photographs and archival items in its’ meeting room on the second floor of the St. Matthews City Hall, 3940 Grandview Avenue, between Breckenridge and Browns Lane.

The society has published a book entitled, St. Matthews, the Crossroads of Beargrass, an excellent history written by noted historian, Samuel W. Thomas, that has received both state and national awards. This book is hardbound, beautifully illustrated and carefully documented with many historic photographs and maps. The book is reasonably priced and available for purchase at local book stores or the St. Matthews Eline library. It is additionally available for purchase through the society at its program meetings.

Meeting Times and Location:

The Beargrass – St. Matthews Historical Society presents a series of programs on historic topics of both local and regional interest in our meeting room at 2 o’clock pm on the second Sunday of the months September through November and January through April. All programs are free and open to the public.

Membership Information:

The Beargrass Historical Society offers an annual membership beginning in September. Membership fees are nominal. Members are kept informed of upcoming programs, tours of historic homes and places and of the June membership picnic.

If you need additional information please call the City of St. Matthews automated phone line at 502-855-4636 and once connected press 5 for information options.

You may also write us at: St. Matthews Historical Society at P.O. Box 6402, Louisville, KY 40207.

Contact information:

  1. For general information call the Beargrass St. Matthews Historical Society, call 855-4636 (the automated Call St. Matthews Information System) and the press the number 5.
  2. For the Historical Society President, or to research the society’s records by appointment, contact David Morgan at 574-5751.
  3. To speak to the Historical Society Secretary or discuss publicity avenues for the society contact Anne Rockwell at 897-2423.
  4. To ask about obtaining a copy of the book, “St. Matthew’s the Crossroads of Beargrass,” written by renowned Louisville author Samuel W. Thomas, contact Treasurer Judy Cook at 893-3338. The book is also sold through the St. Matthews Eline library.
  5. For information on joining the Beargrass St. Matthews Historical Society contact Membership Chairperson Judy Edwards at 254-9589