SPECIAL VIRTUAL Council Meeting Minutes
February 9, 2021

A special meeting of the St. Matthews City Council was held VIRTUALLY on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. The following people were present:

Richard J. Tonini

Councilmember Bernie Bowling                                           Councilmember Stuart Monohan
Councilmember Cathi Clark                                                 Councilmember Mary Jo Nay
Councilmember Frank Flynn                                                Councilmember Amy Olson
Councilmember Tim Holland                                               Councilmember Tony Weiter

John Singler – St. Matthews City Attorney
Susan Clark – St. Matthews City Clerk/Treasurer
Sean Arms – St. Matthews IT Director
Chief Barry Wilkerson – St. Matthews Police Department
Kenan Stratman – St. Matthews Public Works Director

Gary Major – Resident
Pat Chapman – Resident
Elizabeth Cleary – Chamber of St. Matthews
Josh Suiter – Chamber of St. Matthews


The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished followed by the roll call vote of attendance.


A motion was made by Councilmember Nay to approve the minutes from the January 26, 2021 special council meeting. The motion was seconded by Councilmembers Clark and Weiter.

Upon Voice Vote: (7-0) the motion carried. Councilmember Flynn was not yet present for the vote.


No one had any comments to add due to special meeting status.



No discussion took place due to the topic being tabled.


REVIEW OF 6-MONTH FINANCIALS                                      RICHARD TONINI, MAYOR

Mayor Tonini distributed 6-month financial statements for the council members to review. There being no questions, he moved onto the next item on the agenda. No vote was needed nor taken on the matter.


Councilmember Bowling made a motion to approve the expenditures listed and have checks drawn on the city’s treasury in the total of $316,013.73. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Monohan.

Upon Roll Call Vote: (8-0) the motion carried. Yes Votes: Councilmembers Bowling, Clark, Flynn, Holland, Monohan, Nay, Olson, and Weiter.


· Councilmember Weiter inquired when in-person meetings were to begin again. It appears most of the councilmembers are comfortable returning to in-person meeting on March 9th. If requested, a combination of virtual and in-person attendance can be accomplished.

· Councilmember Monohan plans to call a Parks Committee Meeting in the coming weeks.
· Councilmember Nay reminded those present that she needs old pictures of the area for publication in the newsletter. She also asked that Public Works employees periodically pick-up debris along US 60 between Sherburne and New LaGrange Road.
· Councilmember Flynn relayed he will be working with Chapin Collins and Councilmember Clark to explore the possibility of becoming self-insured. They will also look at moving the health insurance renewal date to July 1 of each year from October 1st. He then inquired about any movement regarding complaints from residents in the Springs Subdivision regarding noise from Home Depot. After much discussion, Mayor Tonini will reach out to management to talk about possible violations to the noise during evening hours.


Mr. Singler stated there are only 2 lawsuits at this time that the city is involved in.


Chief Barry Wilkerson mentioned Sgt. Eddie Parsons is resigning due to accepting another position overseas. After studying the situation, it appears that hiring 3 part-time officers will offer more coverage and greater flexibility for scheduling. There is an association between drug use and crime, so the narcotics team is increasing efforts to control the problem. The 3 top crimes are 1) Shoplifting 2) Stealing Catalytic Convertors and 3) Theft from Vehicles.


Kenan Stratman, Director of Public Works gave the following report
· Concerning the Trinity Hills Project, he will be calling a meeting with the committee members including resident representatives soon to review plans. Work on the culvert has begun. There is a conflict between the water lines and the gas lines so that will need to be resolved.
· Representatives of Murphy Elevator took measurements of the elevator and they seem confident they can fix the current problems. It is their estimation that it is time to modernize the elevator.
· Mr. Stratman is meeting with representatives from Studio Kremer and HVAC experts regarding upgrades to the Community Center building. Also, some of the buildings around the ballfields need to be painted such as the concession stand, bathrooms, and press box.
· A section of Sears Avenue holds water after heavy rains. A company called Blood Hounds ran a line underground to understand where the water is draining. Improvements to this drainage problem are being developed.
· Mr. Stratman met with a few property owners on Girard Drive back in 2015. At that time, the property owners did not want to move forward. Two property owners would be more affected by the suggested improvements for the area than the other neighbors.
· Work on the replacement sign for the Community Center Park have stalled because of freezing temperatures. The overnight low should not be under 32 degrees for the materials to set properly. Work will continue when temperatures improve.


Mayor Tonini discussed the following items:
· The Chamber of St. Matthews will hold their annual meeting on Thursday, February 25 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Josh Suiter, Development Director for the Chamber asked the Councilmembers to RSVP to City Clerk Susan Clark if you plan to attend the virtual meeting.


Councilmember Weiter made a motion to adjourn. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Olson.

Upon Voice Vote: (8-0) the motion carried, and the meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan Clark, City Clerk
Richard Tonini, Mayor


FEBRUARY 9, 2021      
counter-signed by the City Clerk authorizing payment of the below listed invoices:
Anderson’s Sale & Service   Works – Supplies and Materials $14.94 
Anthem BCBS   All – Insurance Coverage $92,648.71 
AT&T   City Hall/Comm. Center – Phones $1,403.38 
Baptist Health Occupational Medicine   Police – Physicals and Vaccinations $3,438.00 
Bob Hook Chevrolet   Police – Vehicle Repairs $1,100.11 
Charles Guelda & Sons Plumbing Inc.   Works – Repair in Pipes $1,803.48 
Cisco-Eagle Inc.   Police Forfeiture Funds – Handcuffs $1,772.52 
Clifford Distributing   Works – Latex Gloves $141.90 
Coca Cola Bottling   Admin. – Drinks for Machine $266.09 
Cross Jeep   Police – Vehicle Repairs $291.88 
Earth First   Works – Top Soil $544.00 
First Finance Bank   Works – Supplies and Materials $59.74 
Flynn Brothers (MAPS)   MAPS – Cold Patch $105.00 
Galls   Police – Uniform Components $103.35 
Goodyear Auto Service   Police – Vehicle Repairs $979.90 
Guardian Insurance Company   All – Life/Long/Short Term Insurance $17,214.21 
Home Depot   Works – Supplies and Materials $11.93 
K & S Automotive   Works – Vehicle Repair $1,830.63 
KEMI   All – Workers Compensation Fee $16,094.26 
Leonard Brush & Chemical Co.   Comm. Center – Cleaning Supplies $168.59 
LG&E   Works – Electric $34,681.94 
Louisville Water Company   Works – Water $592.31 
Lowe’s   Works – Supplies and Materials $335.72 
Manning Equipment   Works – Snow Plow $355.00 
Marlin Business Bank   Admin. – Copy Machine Rental $156.40 
Miller Company   Admin/Police – Copy Machine Charge $235.04 
Mobile Forensic Solutions   Police – Investigative Tool $89.00 
Moreno Express   Admin. – Newsletter Production $2,033.78 
Natural Products   Works – Disposal of Rotten Wood $100.00 
Oxmoor Ford   Works – Vehicle Repair $1,681.10 
PNC Bank   All – Supplies and Materials $4,793.60 
Premier Fleet Graphics   Police – Decal Replacement $345.00 
RCS Communications   Police – Radio’s and Light Repairs $983.70 
Riverfarm LLC   Works – Trees $12,193.00 
Rumpke   Works – Garbage Collection $92,276.30 
Saunders Small Engine Repair   Works – Part  $6.00 
Security Pro’s   Works – Monitoring $8,992.41 
Security Systems   Works – Monitoring $38.00 
Singler & Ritsert   Admin. – City Attorney Fees $2,554.50 
Spectrum   Works – Monitoring $89.99 
Stephens & Lawson, PSC   Admin. – CPA Consultants $591.25 
Valvoline   Police – Vehicle Maintenance $785.78 
Welders Supply Company   Works – Compressed Air $38.67 
Wex Bank (Thornton’s)   All – Fuel $11,382.83 
Willis Klein   Police – Supplies and Materials $29.29 
Reimbursements and Payments    
Bratcher, Mark   Police – Investigative Services $125.00 
Frisby, Chris   Police – CID Uniform Reimbursement $535.50 
TOTAL   $316,013.73