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Don’t Hesitate – Participate


If you see something unusual in your neighborhood, this is suspicious activity.
Report it immediately by calling the St Matthews Police Department at 893-9000 or dialing 911.


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Crime Prevention Tips

Please remember that most crimes are crimes of opportunity.

Lock Your Vehicles:  Don’t leave vehicles keys in unattended vehicles. Store valuables such as computers, weapons, purses, sports equipment, etc. in the vehicle trunk or out of plain sight.  It only takes a matter of a few seconds for criminals to access locked vehicles to remove items.

Lock Your Home:  Keep doors locked at all times. This is especially important when you are working out in your yard.  In some instances criminals work in teams. While someone keeps your attention at your home, another enters an unlocked door to access your home to commit robbery or other crime.


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Block Watch

A Block Watch is an organized group of neighborhood residents who watch out for criminal and suspicious behavior and report it to local law enforcement and additionally share the information with neighbors.

This strategy attempts to provide local law enforcement with additional eyes and ears to watch out for all types of criminal activity and promote neighborhood security. Community crime watches can address all types of crime, but their primary focus is typically residential burglary and other crimes around the home, such as larceny and vandalism. Their presence can also help deter criminals who would attempt to conduct drug- or gang-related activities in the neighborhood.

This program can help prevent crime and promote cooperation among residents and police.

If you are interested in forming a neighborhood watch, please contact St. Matthews Police Officer Troy Armstrong at