Call St. Matthews 24/7

Effective communication is the cornerstone of most daily government activity. Hence, a 24/ 7 automated telephone information system was developed, titled CALL ST. MATTHEWS. Designed in an effort to, improve communication both within the community and city government, develop a more personal connection between government officials and residents, along with reducing response time in providing all government services.

CALL ST. MATTHEWS, 638-4STM, consists of four specifically defined lines, namely Administration, Services, News & Information, and Police & Information. All lines have been designed for easy recollection by utilizing innovative telephone numbers such as CLUE for Police & Information or INFO for News & Information.

Designed to allow callers a host of options, the selection may be one that simply provides specific information, or may additionally offers the caller an opportunity to record a message for key department heads or government officials. Special Announcements play before the main menus are given, however, if the caller knows the option for the topic needed, announcements can be easily bypassed. Moreover, callers are repeatedly presented with opportunities to connect and speak directly with city office personnel, during regular business hours, or return to the main menu to simply choose other lines or topics. Off site connections are built into the system, that furnish callers with the ability to quickly link to the local utility company or city solid waste contactor, where urgent requests can be given direct attention. Features such as these are successful, as societies active lifestyles require answers in an instant.

CALL ST. MATTHEWS allows the community to be informed at their convenience. Residents gain knowledge about city services, such as; sanitation, recycling, police protection, sidewalk & street repairs, new street lights or sidewalk installations, graffiti or pot hole removal. Seasonal messages can be access for the free tree planting or curb side leaf pick up programs, the winter snow removal plan or useful storm damage disposal information. Corporate citizens, obtain needed information, even after hours, on topics such as; real estate or occupational taxes, permits for building, portable storage containers or signs, security measures encouraged by the city police department, or programs available at the business association. Visitors can utilize CALL ST. MATTHEWS to locate city parks and the amenities offered, learn about current events in the community, along with general information and programs offered at the city library and historical society. Should a caller elect to record a message, once recorded, the message is automatically distributed, in a matter of seconds, to the appropriate persons, either at an office location or to a mobile devise.

CALL ST.MATTHEWS is a valuable communications tool, that affords city government to be, of the people, by the people and for the people. A powerful means to support a high quality of service, responsiveness, efficiency, and knowledge, to meet the needs of our constituents and corporate citizens.