Ambulance (EMS)

For Emergency Service, dial 9-1-1.

The St. Matthews Fire & Rescue District provides emergency medical care 24 hours a day throughout the City of St. Matthews. Each of the fire districts’ two stations has an ambulance staffed with a Paramedic and an EMT. St. Matthews Fire & Rescue EMS is committed to the latest advances in basic and advanced life support for patient care.


Utilizing a comprehensive approach to education, training, technology and research, the goal of St. Matthews Fire & Rescue EMS is to provide a Best Practices model for our Emergency Medical Service to those who live, work and visit our great city.


The St. Matthews Fire & Rescue EMS service works closely each and every day with the other EMS service providers in the Louisville Metro area. For information about Louisville Metro EMS, click here.


Each of the local EMS service providers operates under a medical plan called a mutual aid agreement. This plan allows for the closest ambulance to respond for service regardless of the name on the side of the ambulance. So occasionally, you might see a St. Matthews ambulance providing patient care outside the city; and when both St. Matthews ambulances are busy, one of the other EMS services will be dispatched here in St. Matthews.